March 17th

member of Dominators

February 27th

member of Dominators

late December

Cisco Heat (C64) +3 trained for Dominators

early November?

CJ in the USA (C64) +2 trained for Discovery

October 31st?

Zoomerang (C64) cracked & +1 trained for Discovery


member of Discovery


member of Discovery

early September

member of Class


Atomix (C64) cracked & +1 trained for Class


leaves DCS


member of DCS

mid March

member of DCS

November 18th

Postman Pat II (C64) cracked & +1 trained for DCS


Eye of Horus (C64) imported & one-filed the FBR crack for DCS

early? October

member of Rough Trade Inc.

late September

member of Rough Trade Inc.

late August

joins Rough Trade Inc.


member of Channel 42

May 28th

member of Ikari

May 10th

Blobber (C64) +2 trained the New Formula Crew crack for Channel 42

late February?

Bazair (C64) +3 trained the Rough Trade Inc. crack for Channel 42

February 25th

Araknifoe (C64) cracked for Channel 42

February 11th

member of Channel 42

November 25th

member of Dominators

October 16th

member of Dominators

September 17th

1943 (C64) docs added for Dominators

Telephone: +45-1-600688

August 24th

Emerald Mine II (C64) cracked for Dominators

joins Dominators

June 27th

member of Wizax 2004