June 29th

member of Horizon

October 3rd

A Load of Old Shit (C64) code for Horizon

May 14th

member of Horizon


member of Thundercats

May / June

Bing! (C64) code for Thundercats

May 14th (Agile & Rebels Copyparty)

Party Demo IV (C64) code & music for Thundercats

April 8th (The Silents Alvesta-Meeting)

It's Movin' (C64) support for Super Swap Sweden / Thundercats

February 22nd

member of Thundercats

Address: Mastermind - Taljstensvagen 1a - 750 40 Uppsala - Sweden - +46-18-140121

December 20th (Triad & Fairlight Party)

Party Demo (C64) code & graphics for Thundercats