member of The Shadows

July 3rd

member of The Shadows


Hot Dogs (C64) music for Coolex / Prosonix + The Shadows

November 25th

Seeker 5 (C64) music for Abnormal / The Hackers Elite

October 8th (Abnormal/Razor 1911/Cartel Copyparty)

Pimplesqueezer 5 (C64) music for Rawhead / The Hackers Elite

before June 13th

leaves Sigma and joins Rawhead

July 20th

North East Crackers Intro Intro (C64) music from 'Pimplesqueezer 5'


Visible (C64) music from 'Seeker 5'

May 7th?

Brainstorm 2 (C64) music from 'Pimplesqueezer 5'

January 14th

Dream (C64) music from 'Seeker 5'