late April?

member of Legend

April 25th?

leaves Light and joins Legend


member of Light

November 4th

member of Light

October / November

joins Light

August 27th

member of The Seventh Sector

July 17th

member of The Seventh Sector

June 27th

member of The Seventh Sector of Dualis

nick: Jedi

February 18th

member of Light


sysop of the BBS +46-26-272135 for Light

leaves Sphinx and joins Light

renames from Atom into LL Cool J

July 18th

member of Rawhead

April 8th

member of Triumph

Address: Atom / Triumph - Box 2001 - 81 202 G/Hammarby - Sweden

January 11th

joins Digital Crackers

December 19th

Madballs (C64) docs added for Triangle 3532 / The Elite Crew

nick: Atom

April 12th

member of XL Crackers

nick: Benny Hill