August 14th

WOW Intro (C64) code for Warriors of the Wasteland


April 4th?

Bad Blood (C64) imported & docs added the North East Crackers crack for F4CG


re-joins Warriors of the Wasteland

December 3rd

member of Orion


Orion Intro (C64) code & logo for Orion, logo already used in an 'Orion Intro'

November 15th

Continental Circus (C64) cracked & +4 trained for Orion

after August

Orion Intro (C64) logo for Sphinx / Orion

August 6th (Crazy + Stardom Party)

Demo-Coop (C64) logo for Stardom + Azoo

December 3rd

Orion Intro (C64) logo for Sphinx / Orion + Thrash