May 15th

Handjob Lotion (C64) code for Contex

leaves Contex

mid March

member of Contex


member of Contex

December 30th (Dominators, Upfront & Trilogy Party)

Anal-Probe 10" (C64) code for Contex

December 3rd

One Year Demo (C64) code for Contex

Address: Judge - Lahnakuja 12 - 28300 Pori - Finland


member of Contex

early/mid November

member of Contex


Fascinating (C64) code for Contex

June 30th

Disease (C64) code for Contex

mid May

Blackout (C64) code & font for Browbeat

Address: Judge of Browbeat - Lahnakuja 12 - 28300 Pori - Finland - +358-39-463962

late February

Dragon Ninja (C64) cracked for Browbeat

April 2nd

Toxic Oxid (C64) support