March 25th

member of Abnormal

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Seeker VIII - Partyseeker (C64) code for Abnormal

Address: Jan Erik Karlsen - Appolloveien 25c - Hafslundsøy - 1700 Sarpsborg - Norway

January 1st?

Seeker VII - Death Seeker (C64) code for Abnormal

December 27th

member of Abnormal

December 12th

member of Abnormal

November 25th

Seeker 5 (C64) code, music & sprites for Abnormal

November 8th

member of Abnormal

after November 5th?

member of Abnormal

November 5th

member of Abnormal

October 12th?

member of Abnormal

August 12th

Zealous (C64) code for Abnormal

Address: Jan Erik Karlsen - Tues Gt. 8 - 1652 Torp - Norway - +47-9-346556

July 20th

Thrillseeker (C64) code & logos for Abnormal

July 10th?

member of Abnormal

June 14th

leaves The Hidden Forces and founds Abnormal

Propulsion (C64) code & logo for The Hidden Forces

April 12th

Heatseeker (C64) code for Rawhead

Address: Jan Erik Karlsen - Tuesgate 8 - 1652 Torp - Norway - +47-32-46556