January 15th

member of Flash Inc.

June 9th

Arne Anka (C64) code & graphics for Antic, one picture already used in 'The Cow'


The Cow (C64) graphics for Antic

December 29th (Camelot Party '93)

Beyond Imagination 2 (C64) graphics for Antic

Arla (C64) code & fonts for Dual Crew

June 29th

member of Flash Inc.

October 24th?

Koff - Part I (C64) graphics for Death Sector

October 15th?

Legoland (C64) logo for Fairlight / Flash Inc.

October (Jam Copyparty)

Beyond Imagination (C64) graphics for Antic / Flash Inc.


Up the Limits II (C64) graphics for Antic / Death Sector


Shade Music Collection One (C64) graphics for Flash Inc.

March 31st (Horizon Easter-Party)

Up the Limits (C64) graphics & code for Antic, one font already used in 'Lunacy II' and two fonts in 'Lunacy 3'

before March 29th

Lunacy 3 (C64) graphics for Antic

Address: Kim Nordstrom - Fredsgatan 27 - 172 33 Sundbyberg - Sweden


Lunacy II (C64) graphics for Antic


Laxity Intro (C64) font


Laxity Intro (C64) font


Still Crusin' (C64) font