member of Triad


member of Triad


Time Out (C64) design & graphics for Triad

before Easter

member of Flash Inc.

November 4th (Censor Design Party)

Channel 64 (C64) graphics for Flash Inc.

Address: Olli Mikkonen - Norrskensbacken 17 - 146 00 Tullinge - Sweden - +46-8-7785847

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Immortal (C64) graphics for Triad

October 8th?

December 22nd

Achtung Baby (C64) graphics

June 7th

Energize (C64) font from 'Immortal'

April 26th

Assassinate (C64) font

early? July

Martina (C64) font from 'Immortal'