early July

Cave-Guennie (C64) cracked

April 23rd

all members of Helix join

April 21st

Mr.Smart, Sensei and NOP leave and join Contex


Advanced Pinball Simulator (C64) cracked

Address: PLK 008537 A - 5630 Remscheid 11 - West-Germany


Eliminator (C64) cracked

Address: Intro Competition - PLK 087840 C - 6050 Offenbach - West-Germany

February 11th

Xcellence (C64) released in co-op with World Wide Expressive

members: Esprit, Hogan, Manix, MMI, Mozart, Mr.Smart, No Ordinary Programmer, Nuclear Soft, Sensei, The Binary Hunter, The Elektronic Freak, The Gamekiller, The Shadow, The Tricky Freak, Wraith, Zoolex, Ozone, Lance

December 19th

Tanium (C64) cracked & +1 trained

October 5th

Garrison (C64) cracked & +3 trained

June 22nd

Maniax (C64) cracked

June 17th

I'm Going Pro (C64)

Future Droid and Fighter leave

members: Hogan, TTF, TEF, Shadow, Sensei, NOP, Diver, MMI, Nuclear Soft, Esprit, TGK, Iceman, Hot Blood, Iron Warrior

June 2nd

New Members! (C64)

Esprit and MMI leave Copenhagen Crew and join

members: MMI, Esprit, Sensei, The Shadow, The Gamekiller, Hogan, Mozart, The Electronic Freak, The Fighter, Diver, NOP, Nuclear Soft, Iron Warrior, Iceman, Hot Blood, TTF1571


Big Suprise (C64)

members (C64): Diver, The Shadow, Sensei, The Tricky Freak 1571, The Gamekiller, Hogan, Mozart, NOP, The Elektronic Freak, The Fighter, The Iron Warrior, Hot Blood, Nuclear Soft, Iceman

members (Amiga): The Shadow, Sensei, NOP, Hot Blood, Nuclear Soft

April 13th


Orion Intro (C64) music from a 'Weird Science 2662 Intro' (remixed)


The Bat (C64) music