Grave Diggers (C64)

Carcass leaves and WSoft joins

members: The Hobbit, Guardian, Kickback, WSoft, Image


Venom is re-founded

August 13th?

The Hobbit leaves


Dreams (C64)

Kickback and Sir Sid leave


Influence (C64) logos for Shade Designs + The Force


Sir Sid joins

March 28th

NEC Intro (C64) code & logo for North East Crackers


Beef Jerkey (C64)

BBS: Krak Houz +1-213-864-8068 (hq)

members: The Hobbit, Image, Guardian, N.O.C., Death Merchant, Green Griffon

January 2nd

Total Chaos (C64)

BBS: Krak Houz +1-213-864-8068

VMB: +1-805-371-1700, +1-716-987-5261

members: The Hobbit, Guardian, Image, N.O.C., Green Griffon, Death Merchant

after November 1st

Voodoo Dawn (C64)


members: The Hobbit, The Green Griffon, Guardian, Image, Megabyte, Death Merchant

October 19th?

Strictly Business (C64)

VMB: +1-805-371-1700

Death Merchant and Megabyte join

members: The Hobbit, Green Griffon, Scrap Iron, Guardian, Image, Death Merchant, Megabyte


Channel Zero (C64)

BBS: Circuit BBS +1-213-726-8067 (hq 1), Syntrex +1-213-771-5841 (hq 2), +1-315-492-1160 (east)

VMB: +1-805-371-1700

The Green Griffon leaves Havok and joins

Raster Blaster leaves and re-founds Impulse

members: Morrissey, The Hobbit, Duplikator, The Green Griffon, Scrap Iron, Guardian, Livewire

July 13th

Top This Demo (C64)

BBS: The Circuit Board +1-213-726-8067 (hq), Syntrex +1-213-771-5841 (#2), +1-315-492-1169 (east)

VMB: +1-805-371-1700

members: The Hobbit, Duplikator, Morrissey

July 8th

Showtime (C64)

BBS: Circuit BBS +1-213-726-8067

VMB: +1-805-371-1700

members: The Hobbit, Morrissey, Duplikator

May 15th

late? February

March 30th

NEC Intro (C64) code & logo for North East Crackers