June 9th

3-D Pool (C64) imported the Pulsar crack

BBS: The Slaughter House +1-804-486-4176, +1-404-439-1508

members: Vindicator, Serpentine, Thor, The Barber, Kwame, The Running Man

April 9th

Blobber (C64) imported the New Formula Crew crack

BBS: +1-215-865-9926, The Underground +1-301-243-5194, The Representives +1-206-537-0719

members: Robodude, Mr. Neutron, Punisher, Devastator, Dr.Who, The Running Man, Keymaster

December 22nd

Purple Heart (C64) imported the F4CG & Beastie Boys crack

VMB: +1-800-669-7556 #4089

September 11th?