Happy Dogday (C64) logo for The Dominators

March / April

Trapped (C64) fonts for Success

February 5th

Getting Nuked (C64) logo for Atomic Circle

January 28th

Shaduine+ (C64) graphics for Success


Lethal Display (C64) logo for Bonzai

between March 25th - May 12th

they join Federation Against Ikari

March 25th

member of FALLOS

February 27th


Warriors of the Wasteland Intro (C64) font

August 6th

Blib Blob (C64) font


Letkautus (C64) font

April 23rd?

Piece of Dope (C64) fonts

March / April

Trapped (C64) font

February 20th

Batteries Not Included (C64) font

February 4th

A Little Party D-mo (C64) font

November 4th

Brutal (C64) font

May 14th

Abomination (C64) font?