July 8th

New Limits (C64)

June 30th (Dexion Copyparty 88)

Amiga-Noid (C64)

Kaze re-joins

members: TSN, Remo, Chess, Jipe, Rambones, Kaze


Admirable (C64)

Chess joins and Paco leaves

members: TSN, Rambones, Remo, Chess, Jipe, Zordex, Trix'88


Expansions ! (C64)

members: TSN, Zordex, Jipe, Rambones, Remo, TCC, Trix, Paco

The City Cobra leaves The Softeaters and Remo leaves The Softeaters and Digital Crackers and both join

JRP renames into Jipe and joins

Hagar leaves


members: Rambones, Jipe, Paco, Hagar, TSN, Zordex

October - December

Join Us! (C64)

Paco leaves The Softeaters and joins

members: TSN, Hagar, Rambones, Paco


Attention (C64)

Kaze leaves and joins Wizax 2004, Drake gets kicked out

members: TSN, Rambones!, Hagar, Trix '87

July 14th

1:52 AM (C64) released in co-op with The Softeaters


Antiriad (C64)

January 2nd?

Act of War (C64)

members: Wizz '87, TSN, Hagar, Kaze, Rambones, KVH

late December

Ace of Diamonds (C64)

members: Wizz '86, Kaze, TSN, Hagar, Rambones, KVH


The Supply Team is founded

May 14th

Skater of Fortune (C64) music

October 8th?

Daemo (C64) music from 'New Limits'


ICS is Alive (C64) music