mid October

Epic Intro (C64) code & font for Epic

June 29th (Hurricane & Brutal Party)

Visuality II (C64) code for Visual Reality


Indy Heat (C64) cracked & +2 trained


AlienWorld (C64) cracked & +3 trained

February 10th

early September

Class Intro (C64) code & graphics for Class

November 18th

DCS Intro (C64) code for DCS

August 19th (Venlo-Meeting 8/89)

Dig This (C64) logo for World Wide Expressive & The Ruling Company

August 9th

New Gold Dream (C64) logo for Logic

June 23rd

FBR Intro (C64) logo for FBR

May 14th (Horizon & Equinoxe Copy Party)

Sledge (C64)

BBS: Death Lives On +1-805-388-5541

The Twin renames into Zeke


BBS: +1-201-265-3887

March 25th

member of FALLOS

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Delirium II (C64) logos for Shape


Ambition 2 (C64) logo for World Wide Expressive

January 22nd

Misery (C64) logo for Science 451

October 21st (Hexagon Copyparty)

2000 A.D. Party (C64) support for 2000 A.D.

Frenzy, Savage and Laxity leave 2000 A.D. and join


To Starion Contacts (C64)

April - August

X-zorcisms! (C64) additional graphics for 2000 A.D.

April 8th (The Silents Alvesta-Meeting)

Another Copyparty (C64)

January 30th

October 26th

Nostalgia Intro (C64) font

October 2nd

Nostalgia Intro (C64) font


Nostalgia Intro (C64) font


Nameless Intro (C64) music


Atlantis Intro (C64) font


Latest News.... (C64) music

early January

Agony 3 (C64) music


Jacuzzi Intro (C64) music


Duploland (C64) font

August 5th

Coma Light VI (C64) font


New Killa Dream 4 (C64) font


Time Out (C64) font

late October

Hitmen Intro (C64) music

late? October

Hitmen Intro (C64) music


Bloods Intro (C64) music


Vision Intro (C64) music

September 11th

Class Intro (C64) code & graphics for Class

July 21st

One Year Century (C64) font


Hitmen Intro (C64) music


Ripps Disk 2 (C64) music


Soundpack (C64) music

June 25th

Return of the Mega Dildo (C64) font


Time & Saga Intro (C64) music

April 16th

Enjoy the Silence (C64) music


1.Dimension (C64) music & font


Agiliberty II (C64) music from 'Sledge'

early February

Psychedelic II (C64) music

February 6th

Wanna Buy a Logo?? (C64) music

February 4th

A Little Party D-mo (C64) music from 'Sledge'

December 30th

Animal (C64) font & music

November 11th

Fragments (C64) music


20 Minutes in the Future (C64) font

October 8th?

Daemo (C64) music

September 28th?

X-Ray Intro (C64) music


Balls 'n' Chains 1 (C64) music

August 29th

Beyond All Description (C64) music

May 14th

Algot's Revenge! (C64) music

Abomination (C64) music

A Lot of Coke!! (C64) music

April 23rd

No Mercy! (C64) music

March 25th

Remains of Bdemo (C64) music


Joghurt (C64) music

February 20th

Rocky Star (C64) font