February 28th

sub-group of Actual Cracking Entertainment

February 15th

they leave Actual Cracking Entertainment

February 4th

sub-group of Actual Cracking Entertainment


A Quick One (C64)

member of Federation Against Supply Team


Code Hunter (C64) cracked

December 5th

Captain America (C64) cracked

October 28th

Freddy Hardest (C64) cracked & +1 trained

October 9th

Hysteria (C64) cracked & +1 trained

late August?

Ace II Demo (C64)

a member without a nick joins

members: Snokie, Woody, Dezed, Utopia, Mawda, Dino, X-Factor, The Jew, Watcher, Spirit, Junicorn, a member who hasn't a nick yet

late August

Centurions: Power X Treme (C64) cracked

July 14th

March 13th

Journey into Sound (C64) music