February 26th

CLR on Line! (C64)


member of Federation Against Supply Team

late? November

Harold, Gordon and Extermer of Euratom leave and join The Sharks

November 17th

R.I.S.K. (C64) cracked

November 5th

Clever & Smart (C64) cracked

members (Germany): Euratom, Nobody, Steve (Tiger), Tron

late October?

Axe II (C64)

Extermer, Gordon and Harold of Euratom leave High Tech Boys and join

members: Beast, Challenger, Newman, Biggles, Zenith, Steph, Olaf, Euratom (Extermer, Gordon, Harold)


Hysteria (C64) cracked


Catch a Thief (C64) cracked

May 26th

Wonderboy (C64) cracked

May 23rd

Metro-Cross (C64) cracked

May 22nd

Head over Heels (C64) cracked

Bonzana joins

February 14th

Shield is founded