early June?

Trap and JTC! leave and found The Hulksters, Woodo, Warfalcons, Fido, Shownuff and Lucas leave and found The Clan, The Chemist leaves and joins International Network of Chaos, Razor Express is dead

May 21st?

Trap is a member of Federation Against Sidewize

May 3rd

G.U.T.Z (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added


The Warfalcons join


Woodo leaves Fairlight and joins


The Chemist joins


members: Trap, JTC, Fido, Shownuff, Lucas

March 6th

Go Ball (C64) cracked


Amazing (C64)

early October?

Bubble Bobble (C64) cracked?


19 Razor's (C64)

July 8th