November 4th (Censor Design Party)

Fitterull II (C64) code for War Deal Lamers

March 24th

Cowboy Kidz (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Chevignon gets kicked out

December 17th?

Chase H.Q. (C64) imported the Exodus crack

Telephone: +46-30317935 (Thomas)

December 3rd

Ghostbusters II (C64) cracked, +4 trained & music ripped

October 4th

Acrophobia (C64) logo for Rizing

August 31st

First Strike (C64) cracked & +1 trained

January 17th

Brainstorm (C64) cracked

January 1st?

late November?

two members leave and found The Deadly Friends

October 7th

Battle Ships (C64) cracked

September 16th

Renegade (C64) cracked & +1 trained

August 11th

The Tube (C64) cracked & music ripped

Telephone: +47-2-708037, +47-6-856234

July 20th?

Cataball (C64) cracked

July 20th

Great Gurianos (C64) cracked

members: Laffen, The Force, Steppenwolf, 3469, Bound, TRP, KAC, Mr.Wonderful, Baloo, Creator


Wibstars (C64) cracked


European II (C64) cracked


Raid 2000 (C64) cracked


Lifeterm (C64) cracked

May 21st

Kinetik (C64) cracked

May 19th

Barbarian (C64) cracked


Eagles (C64) cracked

April 25th

Army Moves (C64) cracked

April 13th

Cyborg (C64) cracked

early March?

Masters of the Universe - the Ilearth Stone (C64) cracked

February 25th

Arkanoid (C64) cracked

December 19th

March 30th

TLU Intro (C64) code from a 'Raw Deal Inc. Intro'