Scancor (C64)

members: Banzai, Biceps, Cutter, Drax, Highlander, Idefix, JTF, Maduplec, Meanace, Muzix, Overall, Simex, Starfox, Tiger, Top, Sillcon


they join Federation Against Ikari

late February

Tiger leaves and joins NATO

January 30th

Acid 2 (C64)

Steel, Mason, Tricket, Maze, Panther and Macro Nit leave and join Dominators

January 10th

Aciiieeed (C64)

members: Sillcon, Maduplec, Biceps, Gordon, Tiger, Panther, Pet, Tricket, Macronit, Idefix, Meanace, Nize, Maze, Starfox, Muzix, Steel

late December

Maria Whittaker's Strip Poker (C64) cracked

Address: Noise - PO Box 63 - 9690 Fjerritslev - Denmark

members: Tricket, Sillcon, Maduplec, Muzix, Panther, Macronit, Tiger, Pet, Starfox, Meanace, Gordon, Maze, Nize, Idefix, Biceps, Steel


Batman (C64) +1 trained the DCS crack


Macronit joins

November 21st

Big Mac (C64) cracked

Address: Noise - Postbox 63 - 9690 Fjerritslev - Denmark

July 27th


Sunga Intro (C64) music

mid October

Maniax Intro (C64) music

May 19th?

Hotline Intro (C64) music


Hotline Intro (C64) music

May 12th

Hotline Intro (C64) music

late? April?

Hotline Intro (C64) music

late? April

Hotline Intro (C64) music

April 19th

Legend Intro (C64) music from 'Scancor'

April 16th

Goatbeard (C64) music

March 17th

Our Venlo Demo (C64) music

early March

Hotline Intro (C64) music

February 18th

Hotline Intro (C64) music

February 4th

No Trend (C64) music from 'Scancor'

early January

Ikari & Talent Intro (C64) music

November 14th

Needles and Pins (C64) music from 'Scancor'


Electronic Generation Intro (C64) music

August 13th

Boring Time (C64) music from 'Scancor'


Summer Code I (C64) music

February 26th

Accept (C64) music