April 4th

North East Crackers Intro (C64) logo for North East Crackers, already used in a 'North East Crackers Intro'

October 25th

North East Crackers Intro (C64) code & logo for North East Crackers

October 10th

Crusade Intro (C64) font for Crusade


Sign of Death (C64)

MTC joins

members: Xenox, The Slayer, Kronos, Skywolf, Sodan, Tripod, Little Mad, Stridersorce, Pat, MTC


Art of Design II (C64)

Stone and Devil join

members: Xenox, The Slayer, Kronos, Sodan, Little Mad, Tripod, Fred, Skywolf, Stone, Devil, Perfect


Omega (C64)

members: Slayer, Xenox, Sodan, Kronos, Tripod, Skywolf, Little Mad, Ken Jones, Xenon


Joker renames into Kronos

two weeks later

they leave Crazy

Anthrax and The Warlock leave the group and the scene


members: Anthrax, The Warlock, The Slayer, Sodan, Tripod, Little Mad, Xenox

April 23rd

sub-group of Crazy


sub-group of Crazy


all members leave Blaze, found Future Concepts and join Crazy

February 23rd

Delirious 8 - Manchild (C64) font from 'Omega'