April 6th

BBS: Ground Zero +1-416-574-4057

February? / March?

Deception (C64)

BBS: Ground Zero +1-416-574-4057 (hq), Wanderland +1-705-560-7493

Taskmaster leaves and founds Gothic

members: Wanderer, Albatross, Side Sector, Phantasm, Sabre


Albatross and Side Sector leave Decay and join

December 24th

Brain Dead (C64)

July 4th

Summer Rain (C64)

BBS: Wanderland +1-705-560-7493, Infernal Overkill +1-416-648-8175

members: Wanderer, Taskmaster, The Barbarian


Heart (C64)

BBS: Infernal Overkill +1-416-574-6899

May 12th

Hell Child (C64)

BBS: Wanderland +1-705-560-7493 (hq), The Gold Exchange +1-705-671-2047, Infernal Overkill +1-416-574-6899

April 5th

October 21st

Snikt! (C64) music

July 1st

Addictive (C64) sprite

April 15th

Nuclear Winter (C64) font


Black Plague (C64) font