September 11th

Jimmy Z leaves the group and the scene, Epic is dead

August 29th

BBS: Candyland

July 25th

Call Me Psycho (C64) imported the Zenith crack

Jazzy, Big Man and Jimmy Z! leave Illusion and join

members: Infernal, Candyman, Psycho Pirate!, Detonator, Villain, Player 1, Demo Demon, Jazzy, Big Man, Jimmy Z!

July 21st?

Galaxia 7 (C64) imported, +2 trained & NTSC fixed the Zenith crack

BBS: Wares 2 Go! +1-408-243-4856, Terminal Velocity +1-615-333-3381, Candyland+1-615-333-6561

members: Infernal, Player -1-, Psycho Pirate!, Villain, Detonator, Demo Demon, Candyman

July 17th

Mickey Mouse (C64) imported the Strike Force & The Movers crack

BBS: Warez to Go +1-408-243-4856, Terminal Velocity +1-615-333-3381, The Desert Inn +1-615-333-6561

members: Infernal, Player -1-, Psycho Pirate, Villain, Detonator, Demo Demon, Fantasy, Candyman

June 6th

Crazy Paving (C64) imported the Zenith crack

BBS: +1-707-525-8570 (hq)

members: Firewalker, Infernal, Detonator, The Menace