early? February

BBS: Warez Unlimited +1-212-678-5929

most members leave and found Vintage

December 17th

E-Swat (C64) imported & 50% NTSC fixed the F4CG crack

BBS: Wares Tango +1-419-693-9490, Banned in the USA +1-407-844-0521

members: Illusionist, Topper, Phantasm, Guardian, Zarhan, G String, Phantom Wizard

November 4th

Cyrus (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the NATO crack

BBS: Banned in the U.S.A. +1-407-844-0521

members: Asterix, Phantasm, Guardian, Taskmaster, Eclipse, Illusionist, Xpact, Parker Paint

early November?

Dragon's Kingdom (C64) imported the F4CG crack

BBS: Banned in the USA +1-407-844-0521, Infernal Overkill +1-416-383-4075

Xpact and Parker Paint join

members: Phantasm, Illusionist, Taskmaster, Eclipse, Guardian, Asterix, Xpact, Parker Paint

September 12th

Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf (C64) imported the Legend crack

members: Phantasm, Asterix, Illusionist, Eclipse, Guardian

August 4th