F4CG Intro (C64) music for F4CG

October 30th

A Lil Bit of (C64)



Fungus, Deathangels Shadow, The Magic Roundabout, Carcass, Necrophobic, Aahz the Demon, Suraklin, Wide Load, Pinball Wizard and Shadow Master join or re-join

September 30th

Carnivorous (C64)

members: Natas, Shadowmaster, Thor, Replay, Intense

October 27th

Cutting Edge (C64)

Replay leaves Storm and joins, Cyberad joins and Thor and Bane re-join

members: Natas, Shadowmaster, Starlost, Black Death, Asmodeus, Replay, Cyberad, Thor, Bane


Seduction of the Innocent (C64)

BBS: The Oracle of Hate +1-416-631-6765

members: Starlost, Shadowmaster, Thor, Desire, Bane


Bloodymerry (C64)

BBS: The Oracle of Hate +1-416-631-6765

Carcass is founded

Angelripper joins

members: Starlost, Thor, Shadowmaster, Bane, Angelripper