March 19th

A la Carte' II (C64)

members: Starsoft, TFP, Blacksoft, Nexus, Dr Error, Brotherhood of Salvation, Spiderman, Fox, Warcat, Grezz, Freagle, Black Eye, Gonzo, Hulk, Wraith, The Greez, Marc'

February 6th

Hatchet Honeymoon (C64) cracked

January 8th?

Pescara (C64)

Dope and Zeta leave Security of the Firzt World and join

members: Spiderman, Fox, Scarp, Grezz, Mr.Science, Freagle, Black Eye, Marc, Gonzo, Black-Soft, Star-Soft, Terminator X, T.F.P., Dope, Zeta

October 21st (Hexagon Copyparty)

A Byte Closer to Perfection (C64)

members: Grezz, Spiderman, Freagle, Colt, The Fox, Gonzo

October 20th

BMX Trials (C64) cracked

September 21st


April 23rd?

Piece of Dope (C64) font from 'Pescara'

September 2nd

Party Demo (C64) font from 'Pescara'

May 14th

A Lot of Coke!! (C64) font from 'Pescara'

shortly after Easter

Vanity (C64) font from 'Pescara'


Chaos #1 Intro (C64) font from 'Pescara'

early March

Brainbuster (C64) font from 'Pescara'