Catastrophes (C64) imported the Gulas crack

members: Ben Dover, Middle Age Caveman, Wayne Gretzky, Kwazy Wabbit, Hairy Holgy, Breast Tumor, Chicken Shit, Mike Hunt

October 10th?

Zero Gravity Race (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the X-Rated crack

VMB: +1-702-594-7065

members: Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, Wayne Gretzky, Kwazy Wabbit, Pickle of Death, Yo Moma, Middle Age Caveman, Dan Qualyle, Chicken Shit

July 17th?

Ikarus (C64) imported, NTSC fixed & +1 trained the Spalters crack

VMB: +1-702-594-7065

members: Kwazy Wabbit!, The Pickle of Death, Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, Middle Age Caveman, Chicken Shit!, Dan Quayle, Wayne Gretzky


VMB opens


Turbo Kart Racer (C64) cracked, +2 trained & NTSC fixed in co-op with Wicked