mid April


Hero, Pompom and Xaver leave and join The Ruling Company, Baboons is dead

February 4th (Titan Party)

No Trend (C64) released in co-op with Success

January 29th

Grand Prix Simulator 2 (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Baboons is re-founded

Run DMC and Ricky D who renames into Punisher leave Vision and join

shortly after August 18th (Furuland Copy Party)

Trip (C64) code for Byterapers & Contex

after June 17th

Logo Show (C64) logo for Drive

April 22nd

Dark Fusion (C64) cracked

March 29th

Dan Cooper (C64) cracked

Telephone: +49-40-7008819 (Andre)

Tanner leaves The Sharks and joins

members: Tim, Fate, Vip, Tanner

March 17th

Eliminator (C64) cracked

August 25th

November 10th?

Haenschen in Monsterland (C64) music

March 19th

Lightness (C64) font

May 2nd

Contex Intro (C64) music from a 'Baboons Intro'

Contex Intro (C64) music from a 'Baboons Intro'

April 23rd

No Mercy! (C64) music

April 21st

Contex Intro (C64) music from a 'Baboons Intro'

March 27th?

Distinction! (C64) music