Big Blizzard (C64)

members: Madness, TIC, Cool Crew, The Car, FCF, Xions, Scorpio

January 29th

Backflash 87 (C64)

TMS 1551 gets kicked out of The Car and The Angel of Death joins The Car


Bop'n Rumble (C64) cracked & +2 trained in co-op with The Last Science

October 6th

Chimera (C64) cracked

July 9th

Bride of Frankenstein (C64) +1 trained the Starline crack

members: Madness Development, FCF, Scorpion, TIC, Dr. Brain

May 25th

Barbarian (C64) cracked? & +2 trained

May 23rd

Eagles (C64) cracked? & +1 trained

April 11th

K-Ring (C64) +2 trained the German Software Pirates crack

February 11th

Olli & Lissa (C64) cracked? & +1 trained

January 27th