King Lemele gives you and some others the mission to bring back the seven stolen runes, regaining power of the world. A classic and well done RPG, during your journey you can pick up several other co-characters and fight 100s of wicked monsters.

Super Nintendo

© 1993 Enix  

1.5 MB Cartridge

1 Player

Joypad in Port 1

Development by Produce

Licensed by Nintendo


1. 1day 7:02:00 Mark Charlton Grimsby, ON
2. 1day 7:52:00 George Brown York, PE
3. 1day 8:04:00 Max Andrews Mountlake Terrace, WA


7th Saga

Guide and FAQ

I)     version
II)    disclaimer/legal stuff
III)   about 7th Saga
IV)    frequently asked questions
V)     characters
VI)    lists
VII)   basic strategies
VIII)  about the guide
IX)    guide
X)     credits



1.1 - Added a little to the FAQ, fixed a few stupid errors, and some other
minor stuff.

1.0 - After some contemplation on the subject, I decided to transcribe
my hand written notes into a database for the sake of easy file transfer
and access on the web.



     This FAQ is my own work that I spent a long time working on, so I
cannot and will not tolerate its theft.  Use of this FAQ on any webpage 
may only be granted by my permission, and must be in its full version.

     This FAQ is copyrighted by Brandon Binkley, 1999



     7th Saga was made by ENIX for the Super Famicon and brought to the 
US by their North American branch for use on the Super Nintendo.
     7th Saga is credited as being one of the more difficult role-
playing games, and with good reason, as the enemies do increase in 
strength exponentially.  I'm writing this FAQ in the hopes that it will 
aid people to play this game with much less frustration.
     You can choose one of seven characters, each with their own assets 
and flaws in a unique quest to find the seven fabled runes.  The story 
is almost identical for each character, but occasional text differences 
will be made by some of the people.
     Monsters can be seen with the monster radar in the upper left of 
the screen, which is a useful tool in avoiding encounters.  Battles are 
done in turn order, with your character always acting first (note, your 
second character may act anytime afterwards).



1) Q - How can I defeat Mutants?
   A - Use the Star and Light Runes to defend yourself from their 
attacks and magic.  When you first meet them, you will not have the 
Light Rune, so either run or quickly boost your attack power and smash 
them before they loose too many Ice 2s and Blizzard 1s.

2) Q - What does the Wizard Rune do in the first half of the game?
   A - Nothing, I have beat Gariso without the other Runes, but the game 
progresses normally.



     Who you choose in 7th Saga is really a matter of preference.  They 
are all fairly balanced, so choose who is best for your style of play.  
Also, remember that later in the game you can get another character to 
join you, so later you can compensate for you weaknesses.

Kamil Dowonna

Kamil is a warrior who is average in all stats.  he can use most weapons 
and the best armors in the game.  His spell selection is good.  Kamil is 
probably the best choice for people starting out.

Olvan Jaess

Olvan is like Kamil, but has fewer Magic Points.  His Speed tends to be 
slightly lower too, but he compensates for that by having higher Hit 
Points and decent Guard and Power.  His weapon and armor selection is 
the best, but his spell list is limited.

Esuna Busy

She has strong magic and great Speed, but lacks Power and Guard.  She 
has a fair selection of weapons and armors, but these are of the light 
variety, so not too powerful.  She also has the best selection of 

Wilme Pelin

Wrongly called an alien in the manual, Wilme is more likely related to 
the Flames (enemies in the northern end on the main continent).  He is 
the fastest character and gains HP, Power, Guard, and Speed quickly.  
However, his magic is weak as is his weapon selection (2 weapons) and he 
only has the armor he starts with.

Lux Tizer

The Tetujin is a solid fighter.  He only lacks MP, but gains more HP and 
Defense than anyone else.  He also suffers from poor spell selection, 
but they are effective in battle.  He gets much better in the last forth 
of the game.

Valsu Saizer

He is the best healer in the game.  His Power is low, but he has the 
spells to compensate for this.  His selection of weapons and armor is 
like Esuna.  His spells are good, but he lacks attacks spells (only 

Lejes Rimul

The demon is fairly average like Kamil.  He can use most swords and uses 
the same armors as Esuna and Valsu. He specializes in offensive magic, 
but has little else.



*NOTE:  Most names are just fragments of words.  I made up a lot of the 
names found in the list, but some are based on information gleamed from 
ENIX and the game, so please no gripes.  Also, prices may not be exact 
for your game.  Depending on the war situation, prices may be higher or 
lower than the normal value.*


Spell        cost  Kamil  Olvan  Esuna  Wilme  Lux   Valsu  Lejes
Fire 1         3     3      5      X      5      X     X      1
Fire 2        12    19     15      X     12      X     X      8
Firebird      14    10      X      X      9      X     X      6
Fireball      32    36      X      X     20      X     X     17
Ice 1          3    16      X      1      X      X     3      3
Ice 2         12     X      X      7      X      X     X     11
Blizzard 1    14     X      X      9      X      X     X     10
Blizzard 2    32     X      X     19      X      X     X     21
Laser 1        3     X      X      X      X      4     X      X
Laser 2       10     X      X      X      X      7     X      X
Laser 3       20     X      X      X      X     15     X      X
Thunder 1     10     X      X      X      X     10     X      X
Thunder 2     40     X      X      X      X     23     X      X
Vacuum 1      30    22      X     15     28      X     X     12
Vacuum 2      60     X      X     35      X      X     X     26
Petrify       10    17      8     11      X      X     6      4
Power          6     X      X     13      X      X    11      X
Defense 1      5     X     12     17      X      X     4      X
Defense 2      5     X      X      X      X      X     X      9
Agility        3     X      X      X      X      X    12      X
Heal 1         4     4      3      4      X      X     1      X
Heal 2        18    12     17      X      X      X     8      X
Heal 3        34    34     39     27      X      X    20      X
HP Catcher     6     X      X      2      7      X     X      2
MP Catcher     8     X     35      3     16      X    16     14
Purify         8     8     20      5      X      X     5      X
Revive 1      40    30     42     24      X      X    10      X
Revive 2      90     X      X      X      X      X    34      X
Fire Shield   17     X      X      X      X      X    14     15
Protect       20     X      X     21      X      X    27     23
Exit          30     X      X      X      X      X    23      X
Elixer       120     X      X      X      X      X    42      X

Spell Desciptions
Fire 1 - attacks the target with fire
Fire 2 - attacks the target with fire, but is stronger and more
     accurate than Fire 1
Firebird - attacks all enemies with fire
Fireball - a stronger and more accurate version of Firebird
Ice 1 - attacks the target with ice
Ice 2 - attacks the target with ice, but is stronger and more
     accurate than Ice 1
Blizzard 1 - attacks all enemies with ice
Blizzard 2 - a stronger and more accurate version of Blizzard 1
Laser 1 - Lux's basic magic attack against one target
Laser 2 - stronger than Laser 1
Laser 3 - strongest laser spell, and hits more often
Thunder 1 - energy attack against all enemies
Thunder 2 - stronger version of Thunder 1
Vacuum 1 - snuffs the life force of one enemy
Vacuum 2 - attempt to slay all enemies outright
Petrify - may turn enemy to stone for a time
Power - doubles Power attribute for the remainder of battle
Defense 1 - doubles Guard attribute for the remainder if battle
Defense 2 - halves target's Guard
Agility - adds 30 to Speed for the battle
Heal 1 - heals 40 HP
Heal 2 - heals 90 HP
Heal 3 - heals all HP
HP Catcher - steals up to 50 HP from enemy and adds them to the
     caster's up to his or her maximum
MP Catcher - steals up to 40 MP from target restoring a like
     amount of MPs to the caster
Purify - removes poison or petrification
Revive 1 - 50 to 70% chance of raising a fallen ally
Revive 2 - raises fallen ally 100%
Fire Shield - negates next fire or ice spell for recipient
Protect - negates next vacuum spell for recipient
Exit - leaves dungeon
Elixer - restores HP and MP to full


Swords        cost  Att  Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Tranquility     50    2    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Zionite       4000    2    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Psytech        150    4    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Animity        350    7    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Kryonic        800   12    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Anger         1700   16    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Tidal         1000   18    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Nature        2600   21    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Sword         2000   25    O     O     O     O     X     O     O
Brilliance    4500   25    O     X     X     X     X     X     O
Muramasa      5000   26    O     O     X     X     X     O     O
Courage       5300   28    O     X     X     X     X     X     O
Despair       8200   33    O     X     X     X     X     X     O
Fortress     25000   38    O     X     O     X     X     O     X
Fear         11500   38    O     X     X     X     X     X     O
Fire         15200   45    O     X     X     X     X     X     X
Insanity     18600   53    O     X     X     X     X     X     X
Ancient      28500   67    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Doom         37000   90    O     O     X     X     X     X     O
Victory      48000  100    O     X     X     X     X     X     X

Axes          cost  Att  Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Fire            70    2    O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Psytech        300    6    O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Animity       2500   19    O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Anger         4000   24    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Power         8100   31    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Despair      16000   40    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Kryonic      22200   50    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Fear         28000   58    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Mystic       35000   72    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Hope         43000   80    X     O     X     X     X     X     X
Immobility   56000  120    X     O     X     X     X     X     X

Staves        cost  Att  Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Light           30    1    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Petrified      180    3    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Tides         1000    8    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Confusion     2500   14    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Brilliance    4000   17    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Despair       5800   20    O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Nature       20000   30          O     O     X     X     O     O
Fear         32000   50          O     O     X     X     O     X
Mystic       40000   75          O     O     X     X     O     X
Immobility   55000   85          X     O     X     X     O     O

Other             cost  Att Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Light Dagger       400    5   X     X     O     X     X     O     X
Saber             1700   11   X     X     O     X     X     O     X
Fire Knife       13600   26   X     X     O     X     X     O     X
Claw             XXXXX    2   X     X     X     O     X     X     X
Zionite Gauntlet  1000    5   X     X     X     X     O     X     X
Kryonic Gauntlet 22000   20   X     X     X     X     O     X     X


Suits         cost  Def Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Xtrite          80    1   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Psytech        700    4   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Animity       1600    8   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Royal         2400   14   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Courage       5000   18   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Bravery       7600   24   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Mystic       10500   32   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Fortress     12200   42   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Scale Mail   18000   50   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Chain Mail   23000   72   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Kryonic Mail 33000   88   O     O     X     X     X     X     X

Robes         cost  Def Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Light           60    1   O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Cotton         440    2   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Silk           800    4   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Xtrete        1600    6   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Seas          3700    8   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Hope          5600   12   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Anger         9000   16   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Victory      14000   21   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Despair      20000   26   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Confusion    32000   30   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Mystery      48000   36   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Immobility   56000   42   X     X     O     X     X     O     O

Shields       cost  Def Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Xtrite          70    1   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Kryonic        500    8   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Courage       3000   14   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Brilliance    6800   18   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Justice       7800   24   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Sound         9200   28   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Mystery      15100   32   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Anger        19000   36   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Illusion     16200   38   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Mystic       29400   40   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Fortune      42000   50   O     O     X     X     X     X     X
Immobility   51000   56   O     O     X     X     X     X     X

Head Gear         cost  Def Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Xtrite Helm         40    0   O     O     O     X     X     O     O
Scarf             1200   10   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Mask              9500   20   X     X     O     X     X     O     O
Kryonic Scarf    20000   40   X     X     O     X     X     O     X
Brilliance Scarf 45000   60   X     X     O     X     X     O     X

Other         cost  Def Kamil Olvan Esuna Wilme Lux   Valsu Lejes
Coat          2000    8   X     X     X     X     O     X     X
Block        36000   30   X     X     X     X     O     X     X
Pod          XXXXX    2   X     X     X     X     O     X     X
Xtrite       XXXXX    2   X     X     X     O     X     X     X
Horn         XXXXX    0   X     X     X     O     X     X     X


*NOTE:  * indicates item cannot be bought.  G indicates item is a gem 
and can be sold for bought value.*

Item                  cost   Effect
Potion 1                40   heals 40 HP
Potion 2               100   heals 90 HP
Potion 3               400   heals all HP
Magic Herb 1            80   restores 20 MP
Magic Herb 2           200   restores 40 MP
Antidote                80   removes poison or petrification
Magic Water           1200   raise slain character
Life Recovery         1000*  restore all HP and MP
Map                      -*  displays location in the world
Exit Gate               40   escape dungeon
Wind Ball               80   transport to town
Bottle of Power        100   Power
Bottle of Protection   100   Defense 1
Bottle of Agility      100   Agility
Bottle of Fossil       100   Petrify 
Bottle of Fire          20   Fire 1
Bottle of Ice           20   Ice 1
Mosquito               150   HP Catcher
Magic Siphon           200   MP Catcher
Shield Destroyer       100   Defense 2
Vacuum                 200   Vacuum 1
Mirror                 200   reflects Petrify spell once
Harp                   500   absorbs Vacuum 1 or 2 once
Vitality Seed         1000*  +1-4 HP permanently
Magic Seed            1000*  +1-4 MP permanently
Power Seed            1000*  +1-4 Power permanently
Protection Seed       1000*  +1-4 Guard permanently
Intelligence Seed     1000*  +1-4 Magic permanently
Agility Seed          1000*  +1-4 Speed permanently
Whistle                200*  slays Romus
Key of Brilliance        -*  unlocks Grime Tower
Remote Control           -*  opens door in the Cave of Milto
Crystal of Peace       100G  ore crystal
Star                     -*  stops Duros's mirror image
Moon Light               -*  makes Gariso appear
Letter                   -*  give to son for a tour of the lab
Opal                   100G  monsters drop these a lot
Pearl                  200G  a gem
Topaz                  500G  a girl in Zellis wants one
Ruby                  1000G  a gem
Sapphire              2500G  a gem
Emerald               5000G  a gem
Diamond              10000G  a gem
Wind Rune                -*  transports to town
Water Rune               -*  heals 50 to 69 HP
Star Rune                -*  doubles Guard
Sky Rune                 -*  restores 30 to 59 MP
Moon Rune                -*  doubles Power
Light Rune               -*  increases Magic by 40
Wizard Rune              -*  Not Applicable



1)  Defend then Attack.  You'll score a powerful blow by doing this.
2)  Use magic to finish off enemies quickly.
3)  Higher level attack spells are only a little stronger, so you're 
usually better of using the level 1 spell.
4)  Heal 2 is extremely non-economic.  Use it only in battle as a last 
resort.  Heal 1 is best to heal outside of battle.
5)  Petrify is a good spell.  It can hold an enemy in place so you can 
hit it 100%, it cannot attack, and the creature cannot run either.
6)  When you get a new Rune, get used to using it in battle, as the game 
practically requires you to use them.
7)  In battle, you can let your partner act first by pressing over.  
They can pass it back to you next round.
8)  Enemies attack the person who last acted.
9)  Bosses are immune to Vacuum 1, Vacuum 2, Petrify, Defense 2, HP 
Catcher, and MP Catcher, so don't waste the MP on these spells in a boss 

Note on Defend - Attack strategy
It seems the power gained is proportional to your weapon strength (maybe 
even armor).  Thus, Kamil, Olvan, and Lejes benefit from it the most 
while Lux and Wilme will not benefit much.  Also, if you use Power (or a 
Bottle of Power or the Moon Rune) your attack power will dramatically 
increase.  Pair this with Defend - Attack and smack you opposition.  
Defend - Attack is also not needed if your attack power is far greater 
than your opponent's defense.



     This walkthrough is broken down into chapters based on the enemies 
of the region.  It will begin with a listing of the locations.  Next to 
the name is the recommended level to travel to the location.  You can 
get there at lower level, but with the advised level you should be able 
to handle the enemies without frustration.  Under the location will be a 
listing of the various items to find and a listing of the stores and 
what they have followed by what you objectives are in this place.  This 
will occasionally be interrupted by a Boss section containing notes how 
to fight the boss of a given place.  Also a Secrets section may 
punctuate this section, revealing game spoilers.  These will be 
noticeably marked to allow you to avoid reading them if you don't want 
major spoilers.  Next will be a listing of all non-boss enemies.  
Lastly, a Tips and Tactics section that is meant to give you some good 
strategies against the enemies in the region and other odds and ends 
will appear.  



Chapter 1

Inn: 4/8
Apprentices:  none are here except in the beginning of the game
Find: Antidote
      Potion 1
      Magic Herb 1
      Opal (x2)
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Psytech Sword          Psytech Armor
 Animity Sword          Cotton Robe
 Fire Axe
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Pearl
 M Herb 1               Topaz
 Bottle of Power

This is where you begin your quest.  Just collect the items and outside 
to build your level.

Inn: 6/12
Apprentices:  no apprentices show up here
Find: Potion 1
      Protection Seed
      Whistle (special)
Weapon Shop            Armory 
 Psytech Sword          Psytech Armor
 Animity Sword          Cotton Robe
 Psytech Axe            Xtrite Shield
 Petrified Staff
 Light Dagger
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Pearl
 M Herb 1               Topaz
 Bottle of Protection

Head to Rablesk to get information and to upgrade your equipment.  Here 
you'll find out a few things.  Romus has taken the Earth Key, so 
travelers cannot get through the Cave of Earth to go west.  Also, you'll 
be offered a deal by Gain.  He'll give you a map if you retrieve the key.

Find: Psytech Sword
      Potion 1 (x2)
      Power Seed
     You're here to kill Romus, but take your time to explore the 
castle.  After he's dead, all the enemies will vanish, allowing you to 
search without interruption.
Boss: Romus
      HP: 300  MP: ?  G: 240  EX: 528
      Abilities: HP Catcher, MP Catcher
     Build your level up to 8 before tackling Romus.  Start the fight 
using Defense 1 or B Protect.  Then if you're a warrior use a B Power 
then begin attacking it.  If you are using Esuna, Valsu, or Lejes use 
Ice 1 or Fire 1.  Replenish your MP with a M Herb 1.  Heal yourself as 
needed.  Victory nets you the earth key.

If you want to slay Romus with ease,
let him kill you (transfer all you 
money to gems first).  Then go see
the man in Rablesk with an upset 
wife.  He'll give you the Whistle.
Use this in the fight against Romus 
and he'll die immediately.


 HP: 18  MP: 0  G: 12  EX: 26
 Abilities: none

 HP: 21  MP: 0  G: 15  EX: 33
 Abilities: none

 HP: 30  MP: 30  G: 15  EX: 33
 Abilities: Poison, Defense 2, Heal 1

 HP: 50  MP: 0  G: 14  EX: 30
 Abilities: none

 HP: 40  MP: 30  G: 16  EX: 35
 Abilities: MP Catcher

* In the beginning, Wyverns can take you out with ease.  Use Ice 1 or 
Fire 1 if available against them.  Otherwise running may be your best 
* In Aran Castle, Chimera can drain you MP.  Use Ice 1, Fire 1, or Laser 
1 to kill them fast to avoid losing too many MPs for the fight against 
* The Defend-Attack strategy works well here, however, as you advance in 
level a strait attack may eliminate a foe.  Also, Power, B Power, and 
the Moon Rune double your strength.  This is a better alternative to the 
Defend-Attack strategy, especially late in the game.

Chapter 2

With Romus Dead, head to the Cave of Earth.  You'll probably want to 
level up a bit first.

Find: Antid
      Agility Seed
      M Herb 1
      Bottle of Fire
     You need to get to the other side here.  About in the middle, 
you'll be attacked by a bounty hunter named Pison.  Show him what you 
think of obstructions.
Boss: Pison
      HP: 250  MP: 0  G: 120  EX: 264
      Abilities: none
     First double your defense (Defense 1 or B Protect).  Then double 
your power unless you are a stronger wizard, in which case use magic.  
Heal as needed and he should go down without too much problem.
     Note:  If you are Valsu, you gain the Agility spell at level 12.  
Use this and Pison will be unable to touch you.

By now you've found several seeds
(A Seed, P Seed, Pr Seed, I Seed, M 
Seed, and V Seed).  These raise your
attributes by up to four points 
permanently. Save the game before
using them to maximize these gains.  
Also always use them on your main

Tricks leave behind gems when
defeated.  These range from the
lowly Pearl (200) to the high valued
Emerald (5000).  Knowing this, save
your game before killing a Trick and
'reset' the game if you get a low
valued gem.  You can quickly build
money this way.

BONRO - 12
Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Armory
             Item Store
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Animity Sword          Psytech Armor
 Kryonic Sword          Silk Robe
 Fire Axe               Xtrite Shield
 Psytech Axe            Scarf
 Petrified Staff
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Topaz
 M Herb 1               Ruby
 Bottle of Fossil
 Exit Gate

     Bonro is the first town you'll find your fellow apprentices in.  
You'll find three here.  Zellis will have the other three.  Pick out an 
ally from one of these towns.  Also, Gain is in Bonro and will give you 
the map as promised.  You will, however, have to track him down (a nice 
way to tour the town).  Also, later on you'll be able to take the boat 
to Pandam in the north for 100G.

Inn: 8/16
Apprentices: Armory
Find: Wind Ball
      Topaz (in the tavern left of the box in the upper left corner)
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Anger Sword            Psytech Armor
 Nature Sword           Animity Armor
 Animity Axe            Silk Robe
 Tides Staff            Xtrete Robe
 Saber                  Xtrite Shield
                        Kryonic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Topaz
 Antid                  Ruby
 Magic Water            Sapphire

     The other three apprentices will be here, so choose who you want to 
partner with.  See the Tips & Tactics section below for more 
information.  Also in this town you'll meet Brantu who is seeking the 
ruins of Melanam.  Recruit him into your party before seeking them out.  
Also in Zellis is a girl who asks you for a Topaz after you get to 
Melanam in exchange for a secret.  I advise against giving her one as 
her secret ends up being that she's getting married.  Save your gems and 
money for worthwhile things.

Find: Wind Rune
      M Water
      Potion 3
      Note: 2 chest are empty
    This cave is fairly small and not too complicated.  The enemies 
aren't much either if your level is high enough (orcs can hurt, but the 
despairs outside are more dangerous.  Eventually you'll come to a rock 
block passage.  Brantu will activate something that moves them and 
allows you to proceed.  If you didn't pick him up, you'll have to march 
back to Zellis.  Also, the Wind Rune is in this cave (it's the red 
flashing treasure chest on the orb).  Get it as quick as possible as it 
will allow you to return to any town previously visited.

MELANAM RUINS - 14 (try to level up to 16 before going pass here)
Find: Topaz (x2)
      M Water
      Potion 2
      B Power
      M Herb 1
      Pr Seed
     Welcome to Melanam.  There are no enemies here, so be sure to 
collect all the goodies.  You may wish to use the Wind Rune to return to 
Lemele to rest and restore your HP (it is the cheapest inn after all) and 
then use it again to return here to continue your quest.  You will want 
to be at maximum health soon.  Take the passage further to get to the 
Cave to Eygus.

     There are no chest in this cave, but lots of wrong ways.  Just work 
your way north and you should see a person blocking the path.  Talk to 
him and discover that he is Pison who has come back for revenge.
Boss: Red Pison
      HP: 280  MP: ?  G: 1000  EX: 2203
      Abilities: Heal 2
     Pison's gained a bit of strength since you last met him, and is 
annoyingly fast.  If you have Valsu you can match his speed with the 
Agility spell, otherwise Wilme will be the only one who can consistently 
strike him.  Double your defense first on both characters, then raise 
your power for Kamil, Olvan, Lux, Wilme, or Lejes.  Valsu and Esuna 
should use Ice 1.  When you weaken him enough, he'll start to use Heal 
2.  Just keep up the heat, healing when necessary, and he'll go down.  
With Pison dead, you can leave, but first search the floor where he was 
standing to find a M Water.


 HP: 80  MP: 40  G: 40  EX: 88
 Abilities: Heal 1, Revive 1

 HP: 75  MP: 50  G: 100  EX: 220
 Abilities: Poison, Petrify, Heal 1, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

 HP: 80  MP: 50  G: 40  EX: 88
 Abilities: Poison, Heal 1, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

 HP: 75  MP: 40  G: 60  EX: 132
 Abilities: Poison, Ice 1, Petrify, Heal 1

 HP: 200  MP: ?  G: 100  EX: 220
 Abilities: Firebird, Petrify, Heal 1, MP Catcher

Blue Demon
 HP: 80  MP: 50  G: 75  EX: 165
 Abilities: Poison, Fire 1, Defense 1, Defense 2, Heal 1

 HP: 80  MP: 0  G: 62  EX: 136
 Abilities: none

* Selecting an apprentice is a matter of taste really, but it can help 
to choose someone that compensates for your weaknesses.  Also, you'll 
want at least one person who has the Heal 1 spell for much later in the 
game.  Wilme and Lux pair well with Kamil and Olvan for the reason that 
Wilme and Lux do not require money.  All for of them do will with Esuna 
and Valsu as well.  Lejes is best paired with Esuna or Kamil, but Olvan 
and Valsu work as well (the Valsu/Lejes combo shouldn't be possible, but 
it is, and it gives access to all the spells except for Lux's unique 
* Can't get who you want?  Go outside and earn some more experience and 
their opinions of you will change.  Also, never challenge an apprentice 
unless you want someone to always fight.  If you win or lose they will 
always attack you.
* Remember the Defend - Attack strategy.  Now with two people you can 
make truly devastating attacks.  Have the strongest character defend.  
Next use you other character to use Power, B Power or the Moon Rune on 
the defending character.  When that character gets to go again, the 
attack will be really powerful, and in this zone should destroy almost 
any enemy.
* Once you get a rune, always save before talking to another apprentice.  
They may attack you.  If you lose, they steal all your runes.  
Sometimes, they may offer to join you even if they possess another rune.
* If there are two towns near each other like Bonro and Zellis, shop 
around for the best gear rather than shelling out the cash for the first 
upgrade you see.  When you reach the north this is especially true as 
Belaine, Telaine, Padal, and Pang are all close and have diverse 
selections.  Plus Pandam and Tiffana aren't much farther off.  Also look 
at the Find sections in nearby places as there may be good equipment for 
free.  Money is a short commodity.
* You find items from foes, in chests, and in hidden spots.  If an item 
is not too valuable as an item to you, sell it for money.  If you have 
7-9 of an item like M Water, sell a couple to make more money rather 
than leave empty chest.  It's not unreasonable to sell things like M 
Water at this stage as you shouldn't need them until Luze.
* Despairs and their ilk (Doom and Reapers) are much harder than their 
experience values are worth.  Furthermore they are hard to run from.  
Running is not a bad idea though, but always use your fastest character 
to try.  Sometimes beating them is the best tactic too, but their Magic 
power is quite high (especially Dooms).  Manrots and Blue Demons are a 
better source of gold and experience in this region.
* Word of caution if you select Lejes as a partner.  He may traitor on
you to take your runes.  You can try a reload to see if this changes 
anything, otherwise you'll have to beat him and get another partner.

Chapter 3

EYGUS - 16
Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Inn
             House in the upper left
     Eygus is the only town on the island you come to after leaving the 
cave.  There's really nothing to do here, so go see the elder.  He will 
let you pass through if you have the Wind Rune, so don't lose it to one 
of you fellow apprentices.  Pass through the passageway into another 
cave back to the continent.

     Just work your way through here quickly, which shouldn't be a 
problem as it's fairly strait-forward.

PELL - 16
Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Church
             Outside the Tavern
             House west of Tavern
Find: Bottle of Agility
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Anger Sword            Psytech Armor
 Nature Sword           Animity Armor
 Animity Axe            Silk Robe
 Anger Axe              Seas Robe
 Saber                  Kryonic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Topaz
 M Herb 1
 B Power
 B Protect
     The first city you'll come to in the south is a good place to rest 
and upgrade if needed.  Also, there is a man named Digger Quose here.  
You'll need him later, so remember where you can find him.  You'll also 
hear tell of the Water Rune being kept by people in the south in Guntz.  
So head there (quickly too, as the Water Rune is one of the best).

GUNTZ - 17
Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Inn
             Building east of entrance
             Outside in northeast corner of map
     In Guntz, you'll find out that the water has run dry and the people 
are suffering.  The elder has the Water Rune and thinks its power will 
save them.  You'll need to talk with him, but find that he is very 
uncooperative.  A villager will tell you the elder is a stubborn man.  
So talk to him repeatedly until makes you a deal.  If you can bring 
water to the village, he will give you the Water Rune.  Wind Rune back 
to Pell and recruit Quose.  then return here and he'll do his work (he 
makes it look so easy).  The elder will then give you the Water Rune.  
You now have a free healing means.  You'll then hear word of another 
Rune in Patrof to the East.

Return o Guntz later in the game
(after beating Serpent) and discover
that Quose has struck Pure Water.
The elder will give you a token of
his appreciation, in other words

Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Inn
Find: M Water (in the tavern)
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Nature Sword           Animity Armor
 Brilliance Sword       Royal Armor
 Anger Axe              Seas Robe
 Tides Staff            Kryonic Shield
 Confusion Staff        Courage Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Antid                  Topaz
 M Water                Ruby
 B Power                Sapphire
     In Patrof you'll discover an evil man has come and taken over the 
town and stolen the Star Rune.  You need to dispose of them and take the 
rune.  However, the castle is locked.  Search for clues and discover 
that there is a secret passage to the castle from the graveyard.  One of 
the tomb stones says not to touch it.  Push it up to reveal a 
     Note:  you may want to go north to Bone to get better equipment and 
do not buy stuff from Patrof as Bone is better.  Bone is in Chapter 4 of 
this walkthrough.

Find: Potion 3
      Red Trick (x5)
      M Water
      B Agility
      A Seed
      Magic Siphon
      Pr Seed
      Life Recovery
     For now grab only the treasures on your path to the castle and 
avoid the Red Tricks.  Work your way around to the stairs, avoiding 
encounters as much as possible.  The second floor is much easier as you 
need head strait north to get out.  You will arrive in the castle.

Find: B Agility
      Potion 2
      P Seed
     At the throne room you'll discover the scoundrel who killed the 
royal family is none other than one of your fellow apprentices (even 
Valsu can sink this low).  They'll offer you a chance to serve them (not 
join up with them, however).  You should say yes for one reason: doing 
so will unlock the castle and allow you to save right before one of the 
hardest fights in the game.  If you choose not to accept, you will fight 
them then and there one on one.  Victory will net you the Star Rune, plus 
apprentices are worth decent money and experience.  Strategies are 
contained below in the Fighting the Apprentices section.

     It really doesn't matter what level you are, as the other 
apprentices will be at about the same level (+ or - 2).  Also, their 
stats are 150% normal which means the CPU controlled Wilme has a Magic 
score equal to Kamil.  CPU Esuna hits harder than Lejes.  It's really 
not a fair fight.
* In General:  Always heal completely, and since you should have the 
Water Rune this shouldn't be too hard from normal attacks.  Potion 
2/Heal 2 or Potion 3/Heal 3 may be necessary if you are hit by a spell.  
Also, when they start to heal themselves, keep up the attack.
* Versus Kamil or Olvan:  Raise your defense first.  Next raise your 
Agility.  If you have the Light Rune, use it next, minimizing their 
magic attacks.  Then use a B Power or equivalent effect.  Focus on 
keeping your HP at max, and attack when they miss.
* Versus Wilme:  Raise your stats like the Kamil/Olvan scenario.  His 
magic isn't that formidable, so consider his using it a gift.  Against 
Wilme, dodging is a dream at best.  Since your defense is much higher, 
his attacks won't hurt much.  Attack only after he uses Fire or attacks 
normally and only when you are certain that his double attack will not 
kill you.  Wilme is one of the easier to beat apprentices.
* Versus Lux:  Treat Lux as Kamil/Olvan, but watch out for his Laser 3 
which he gains at level 15.  It can kill you in one hit, which may make 
him impossible to beat.
* Versus Esuna or Valsu:  Raise Agility first, followed by the Light 
Rune if possible.  they have serious spell power, and Esuna's Ice 2 can 
be fatal in one shot.  Use the early fight to your advantage, as they 
will cast Defense and Power.  Get your defense up after they use Power 
and raise your attack strength to counter their Defense.  These are the 
trickiest fights, and second in difficulty only to Lux.  Conceivably, 
Valsu should be impossible to beat after level 42 as he has access to 
Elixer.  Of course by that level you probably aren't fighting the 
apprentices anymore.
* Versus Lejes:  This is probably the easiest battle to win, especially 
after you get the Star Rune.  Lejes relies on Defense 2.  Fight him as 
you would Kamil/Olvan, but whenever he drops your defense, raise it 
again.  With you Speed up, he'll miss more often.  As he's doing this, 
he's wasting MP, thus preventing him from using his offensive arsenal. 
With the Star Rune, he doesn't stand a chance, and Esuna and Valsu can 
make quick work of him.

All the apprentices are within two
levels of your MAIN character.
Gaining levels will not make the
fight any easier.  However, there is
a little trick involved in beating a
tough apprentice.  Let you main
character die in a random fight.
Then save the game and see if the
apprentice will fight your partner.
If so, then great and move on to the
next step.  If not, get a new
partner and repeat this process.
Next get your partner's level at
least 2 higher than your own level
and try the battle with them.  It
will be a more even match.  If you
still have problems, keep gaining
levels are your partner while your
main character is dead.


 HP: 160  MP: 150  G: 220  EX: 484
 Abilities: Poison, Laser 2, Defense 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

 HP: 88  MP: 50  G: 110  EX: 242
 Abilities: Agility

 HP: 67  MP: 80  G: 80  EX: 176
 Abilities: Poison, Laser 1, Laser 2, Thunder 1, Defense 1, Defense 2, 
Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher, Revive 1

 HP: 210  MP: 0  G: 120  EX: 264
 Abilities: none

 HP: 160  MP: ?  G: 150  EX: 330
 Abilities: Petrify, Defense 1, Defense 2, MP Catcher

 HP: 85  MP: 50  G: 110  EX: 242
 Abilities: Poison, Petrify, Defense 2, MP Catcher

Red Trick
 HP: 110  MP: ?  G: 200  EX: 440
 Abilities: Poison, Firebird, Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

* Brains are worth the most gold and experience in the southern lands.  
Seek these creatures out to earn levels and money faster.  Also, the 
occasionally drop a Life Recovery, which is a great item and is hard to 
* Coccoons are the other hand are the most worthless creatures in the 
game for the difficulty they present.  They have high Magic and Speed 
and thus hurt a lot and dodge a lot.  Try to kill them quickly with magic 
or a power boosted attack.
* Spideks are another fast creature.  To fight them effectively, gain 
more Speed, or have someone with high Magic use Ice 1 or Fire 1 to sap 
their HP.
* Use the Water Rune whenever possible.  By taking the time to heal 
yourself full before ending the fight, you can negate the need to waste 
MPs healing after the battle, thus making the next fight a little 
* Generally, after this point gain experience from enemies in the 
previous locations.  Brains go a long way in building you up to fight 
Red Demons and Mutants.

Chapter 4

     After finishing Patrof, trek to Bone in the north.

BONE - 20
Inn: 10/20
Apprentices: Item Store
             Lower level of building in the southeast
Find: A Seed
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Brilliance Sword       Animity Armor
 Courage Sword          Royal Armor
 Anger Axe              Hope Robe
 Power Axe              Kryonic Shield
 Confusion Staff        Courage Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Topaz
 M Herb 1               Ruby
 M Water
 B Fire

     In Bone, there are some different things that will open up 
depending what character you chose.  There is a little kid who was 
trying to get to Bonro, and he'll either give you the Remote Control or 
ask to be taken to Bonro.  If you are Esuna or Lux, you will be asked to 
take him to Bonro, where you will be given passage to Pandam (see 
chapter 5 for details).  The other five characters will be given the 
Remote Control, which he says he found in a cave to the east.  People 
will also talk about a dinosaur being spotted in the lake.  Also, Olvan 
will be given the Key of Brilliance by a man in the lower section in the 
south.  This will unlock the door to Grime Tower.

GRIME TOWER - 20 (If Olvan)
Find: M Herb 1
      Illusion Shield
      Killer Trick
      Magic Seed
      Vitality Seed
     There is a teleporter that leads to the North Tower (see chapter 
5).  The enemies there are much stronger, so I advise against going 
there.  Also, the other characters can get to Grime Tower by using the 
corresponding teleporter in North Tower.  Thankfully, this is not the 
only means Olvan has to make it to the north.

     This cave is where the kid found the Remote Control.  It is made 
difficult by the Sages that frequent here.  Your purpose is to find a 
strange section of the wall and use the Remote Control.  This will open 
the section of wall.  Inside you'll meet a scientist who has invented a 
submarine.  This is the "dinosaur" that people were so exited about.  
He'll offer to take you to Dowaine in the north by going under the 
mountains since the two lakes are connected by an underground stream.

Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Church
             Weapon Shop
             Outside in the field
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Brilliance Sword       Psytech Armor
 Courage Sword          Animity Armor
 Anger Axe              Seas Robe
 Power Axe              Hope Robe
 Confusion Staff        Courage Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Antid                  Ruby
 M Water
 Bottle of Ice
     Dowaine is an intermediary stop.  You'll want to head north to 
Belaine and Telaine.  There is also s child here who offers to sell you 
stuff for 100G.  The items he offers are random and unknown until after 
the purchase and run from values or 20G to 500G.

By maxing out your supply of low
valued goods (B Fire, B Ice, Potion
1, M Herb 1, and Antid), you can
avoid losing any money to this
child.  Occasionally he'll sell you
Pearls, Topaz, and Potion 3 which
you can sell to make a profit.

Inn: 4/8
Apprentices: Inn
Find: (all inside the castle)
      Royal Armor
      Killer Trick
      Potion 2
      Anger Robe
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Royal Armor
 Fear Sword             Courage Armor
 Power Axe              Seas Robe
 Despair Axe            Hope Robe
 Confusion Staff        Brilliance Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Ruby
 M Herb 1               Sapphire
 M Water
 B Ice
     In Belaine you'll learn that they are on the verge of war with 
Telaine.  Belaine makes weapons while Telaine mines ore, however, the 
king of Telaine has increased the price of oar.
You should consider inquiring into their half of the story.
     Also, there are three smiths in Belaine that will offer to make you 
a weapon.  One makes the Zionite Sword, another the Tidal Sword, and the 
last will make a Muramasa.  Only the Muramasa is worth purchasing, and 
only if you have Valsu.  You'll have to complement his work if you want 
to buy the sword.

Inn: 4/8
Apprentices: Armory
             Southeast corner outside
Find: (all inside the castle)
      Potion 2 (x2)
      Brilliance Shield
      M Water
      Courage Armor
      Note: one chest is empty
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Courage Sword          Royal Armor
 Despair Sword          Courage Armor
 Power Axe              Hope Robe
 Despair Axe            Anger Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Brilliance Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Topaz
 M Water                Emerald
 M Siphon               Diamond

     Telaine is on the verge of being attacked by Belaine, so they have 
called on help from Padal.  The king explains that the reason they 
raised the price on ore is that their mines are exhausted and that if 
they do not find an alternate source there will be none left.  You'll 
also learn that the Sky Rune was an ancient treasure to the people of 
Luze, now a ruin on the Island of Boere to the east.

The items you find in the castles of
Belaine, Telaine, and Tiffana are
very  contemporary for this stage of
the game.  Therefore, raid these 
treasuries before buying equipment.

PADAL - 22
Inn: 8/16
Apprentices: Inn
             Training Room Level 1
             Outside in the northwest of town
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Fear Sword             Royal Armor
 Fire Sword             Courage Armor
 Despair Axe            Hope Robe
 Kryonic Axe            Anger Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Anger Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Opal
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Antid                  Ruby
 M Water
 B Agility
 B Protect
     This is a town where warriors are trained (but they won't train 
you).  Commander Prosa will normally be here.  He has the Moon Rune and 
will offer it to you in exchange for a task.  His daughter has been 
kidnapped by the wicked Serpent, so if you free her he'll give it to you 
(see chapter 5).  Prosa will not be here if war is declared or if peace 
is made.  If Belaine and Telaine are at war, find him in Telaine Castle.  
If peace is made, he'll go home to Polasu (far to the northwest).  Also, 
if you have already defeated Serpent, he will offer you a different 
quest.  He needs you to go find Pegim.  Pegim can be found in Zellis.  
The Moon Rune will double your Power like the Power spell.
     Also, if you have Kamil, make the Fire Sword a priority, it'll be 
his best weapon until after you defeat Doros.

PANG - 23
Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Outside west of Church
Find: Potion 2 (x4)
      A Seed
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Courage Sword          Royal Armor
 Anger Axe              Courage Armor
 Kryonic Axe            Seas Robe
 Fear Axe               Hope Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Courage Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1
 Potion 2
 M Water
 B Power
 B Fossil
 B Agility
 B Protect
     Pang is Olvan's home town.  Meet his uncle Olgan in the eastern 
north house.  If you have him in your team, Olgan will refer you to 
his friend in the Tavern.  This person will give you the password for 
the hidden cave of Laosu (the password is "Monkey has a red bottom", 
but despite the player knowing it, this old man must tell you or you 
will not be able to pass a certain point in the cave).

Find: Potion 2
      Killer Trick (x3)
      B Agility
      V Seed
      Potion 3
      M Herb 1
      Pr Seed
      M Water
     This cavern is divided into two halves.  You need to go to both to 
collect all the treasures, but the exit to the island is on the first 
half.  Use this place to build your levels, as Sages and Platers are a 
lot easier to deal with than Mutants.  Sages should fall from a strike 
by Kamil, Olvan, Wilme, Lux, and Lejes if you use power on them first.  
Platers can take a pounding, but magic works well and if you can drop 
all but one plater you should be able to use the Water Rune to max your 
HP.  Collect the chests as you go, and use an Exigate to leave when you 
have to.

LUZE - 24
Find: Crystal of Peace (x7)
     Luze is a ruined town where the buildings lie in shambles.  You can 
find some crystals on the ground call Crystal of Peace.  These are in 
fact ore.  Take these to the king of Telaine and he'll ask you to show 
them to him.  Say yes and the between Telaine and Belaine will be over 
before it starts.  Say no and he'll have no choice but to go to war 
against Belaine.  This will affect the quest for the Moon Rune and will 
alter the store prices.  If war is declared, weapons and armor will be 
more expensive (bad for Olvan and Kamil).  If war is averted, the prices 
will drop by as much as 40%.
     Also on the island, you'll see a large Dragon.  This creature is 
guarding the Sky Rune, so you'll have to beat it.
Boss: Dragon
 HP: 1100  MP: ?  G: 1000  EX: 2203
 Abilities: Fireball, Petrify, Defense 1, Defense 2, MP Catcher
     The Dragon is not too difficult.  His worst attack form is the 
Fireball spell, so heal up after being hit by it.  Use the Star Rune 
first to minimize his physical attack.  Then raise your Speed so you can 
dodge his attacks more often.  Raise your power on your warriors and 
start attacking.  Wizards should use spells (Ice 1 or Fire 1).  Also, 
Defend-Attack will help a bit here too.  You can also use Fire Shield to 
negate its Fireball once, which isn't a bad idea.  Its Petrify is easily 
defeated by having 9 Mirrors, and thus you'll not be stoned (unless it 
uses Petrify 10 times or more which is highly unlikely).
     When you beat it, inspect the pedestal behind it.  If you made it 
here in time, you'll gain the Sky Rune.  If you took too long (usually 
this is the case), then another Apprentice has beaten you to it (how 
they got past the dragon is a mystery).  To find the Sky Rune in this 
event, use the Wind Rune to go back to every town you can find 
apprentices in and walk outside.  If the town glows red, then there is a 
rune in the town.  Implore to find out who is there, and take it from 
them (save first in case you lose).  Alternately, they may ask to team 
up with you instead of fighting, in which case you can accept of kill 
them.  If you go outside and fight, they may skip town, forcing you to 
track them down.
     When you finally get the Sky Rune, you may not be impressed with 
it.  It restores MP, but there are some nifty tricks you can pull off 
with it (wait till a fight late in chapter 7).  It's also useful if 
you've been magic drained or have run low on MP.

Find: M Water (x2)
      Ruby (x2)
      Intelligence Seed
      Killer Trick
Find: (in the secret area)
      Sapphire (x2)
      Ruby (x3)
      Topaz (x2)
     The fact that having Olvan with you gives you 14000G is tempting, 
but you shouldn't need it unless he's in your party.  To find this cave, 
follow the mountains north of Padal and hug the west side after passing 
the North Tower you should be heading west.  In the second dip, the cave 
should be (you need to walk over a normal looking spot on the ground).  
Just hug the northern side of the range and you should get there.


 HP: 82  MP: 100  G: 150  EX: 330
 Abilities: Firebird, Petrify, Defense 2, Heal 2, HP Catcher, 
MP Catcher, Revive 2

Red Demon
 HP: 120  MP: 70  G: 210  EX: 462
 Abilities: Poison, Fire 2, Firebird, Blizzard 2, Defense 1, Defense 2, 
Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

 HP: 200  MP: 80  G: 220  EX: 484
 Abilities: Poison, Petrify, Defense 2, MP Catcher

Killer Trick
 HP: 300  MP: ?  G: 400  EX: 881
 Abilities: Poison, Ice 2, Blizzard 2, Vacuum 1, Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP 

 HP: 300  MP: 120  G: 230  EX: 506
 Abilities: Ice 1, Ice 2, Blizzard 1, Petrify, Heal 2, MP Catcher, 
Revive 1

Shadow Brain
 HP: 400  MP: ?  G: 800  EX: 1762
 Abilities: Vacuum 1, Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

 HP: 210  MP: 0  G: 200  EX: 440

* Sages are nasty creatures with high magic power.  However, they cannot 
stand up to physical assault well at all.
* Like their cousins the Brain, Shadow Brains are a trove of treasure 
and experience.  In fact, only boss monsters are worth more.  They do 
have a tendency to run away, or get in a luck Vacuum spell.
* There's a general rule of how to dispatch monsters.  Against strong 
fighter types (Defeats, Red Demons, Soldieks) use magic.  Against 
magically strong opponents (Sages, Mutants) use weapons.  Some creatures 
break this trend (like Flames) or do not fit in either category well 
(Shadow Brains).  In these cases, either method will work, just use your 
character's strengths.
* Remember you can warp to ruins with the Wind Rune of Winballs.  This 
will allow you to save and rest before fighting the dragon.

Chapter 5

Inn: 12/24
Apprentices: Weapon Shop
             Upstairs of Tavern
             Building north of entrance
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Royal Armor
 Fear Sword             Courage Armor
 Despair Axe            Anger Robe
 Kryonic Axe            Victory Robe
 Confusion Staff        Justice Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Opal
 M Water                Pearl
 Mirror                 Topaz
 Winball                Sapphire
     Pandam is wear Esuna or Lux will arrive in the north, so you may 
wish to use Bone as a place to build their levels first, or an 
unfortunate encounter with a Mutant could be your last.  There is also a 
boat that offers passage to Bonro for 100G.  Other than that, the only 
thing of value here is the Victory Robe.

BRUSH - 26
Inn: 16/32
Apprentices: Tavern, Outside in upper left corner
Find: Potion 3 (in the Inn)
      Vacuum (at the Fortune Teller's house)
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Bravery Armor
 Fear Sword             Mystic Armor
 Despair Axe            Hope Robe
 Kryonic Shield         Anger Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Mystery Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Opal
 Potion 3               Pearl
 M Water                Topaz
 Winball                Ruby
     Brantu makes his home here, and he will aid you later with a 
project he's been working on since you left him in Melanam.  He won't 
let you see it yet though.  Rarsa, the fortune teller, also makes her 
home here.  She'll give you a general idea of what you should try to 
accomplish for 100G.  Eventually you will need her to tell you a 

Inn: 6/12
Apprentices: Inn
             Right balcony of Castle
Find: (all inside the castle)
      Brilliance Sword
      Justice Shield
      Potion 2
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Courage Armor
 Fear Sword             Bravery Armor
 Kryonic Axe            Hope Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Anger Robe
 Despair Staff          Xtrite Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1                Opal
 Potion 2                Topaz
 Antid                   Ruby
 M Water                 Sapphire
     The people of Tiffana have been experiencing a problem.  Their 
children have been abducted by Serpent.  The King will give you a 5000G 
reward if you dispose of Serpent and rescue the children.

Inn: 8/16
Apprentices: Inn
             Outside west of the Church
Find: B Power (in Prosa's house)
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Courage Armor
 Fear Sword             Bravery Armor
 Power Axe              Hope Robe
 Saber                  Anger Robe
 Fire Knife             Sound Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1
 Potion 2
 M Herb 1
 M Water
 M Siphon
 Shield Destroyer
     Much like Tiffana, Polasu's children have been abducted by Serpent.  
If Prosa is here, he'll offer the same trade (Moon Rune for defeat of 
Serpent).  Therefore, it is your best bet to head to her castle, Baran 
Castle.  It is the place between Tiffana and Polasu.

Find: B Ice
      B Fossil
      I Seed
      M Herb 1
      Potion 2
      M Siphon
     Your purpose here is to find and kill Serpent.  The castle is more 
complicated than most dungeons so far, but the enemies aren't too bad.  
Serpent is upstairs.
Boss: Serpent
 HP: 2000  MP: ?  G: 1400  EX: 3084
 Abilities: Ice 1, Ice 2, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 2, Petrify, Defense 2, 
Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher
     Serpent is a hard boss for the reason of being a strong wizard.  
Start by increasing you agility, then your defense.  Also be certain to 
have a full load of Mirrors for this fight (or else use Purify and 
Antids to remove stoning).  With your defenses prepped, double your 
Power and start to attack (spells won't do much damage, so attacks are 
best.  Always keep your HP near max or an ice spell may do you in.  If 
you need to use an M Water, do so.  Just make sure you reraise your 
     With Serpent dead, you'll learn that she really wasn't so bad.  
Talk to the children and then go collect your rewards and loot the 
castle (much like Aran Castle, when the boss is dead, the enemies 
     After completing this goal, your last rune should be the Light 
Rune.  It is in the castle of Bilthem.  However, you might first want to 
go to the North Tower and clean out its treasures (and Grime Tower while 
you're at it).

Interesting Fact:  Kamil is seen in the opening as part of an attack 
team here to presumably defeat Serpent when he is called away.

Find: M Water
      A Seed
     There is a teleporter to Grime Tower so you can get there now if 
you couldn't before.

Apprentices: Inn
             Counter on third floor
Find: Exigate (near the castle)
     You may have already reached Bilthem, but the shop keepers, the inn 
keeper, and the priest will not offer their services to you.  Bilthem is 
under the control of a man named Doros, and the people need a hero to 
save them.  This means infiltrating the castle.

Find: V Seed
      Killer Trick (x3)
      M Water
      M Herb 1
      B Agility
      Potion 2
      B Fossil
      M Siphon
     Bilthem Castle is not a complicated place, but walls of flame will 
impede your progress, forcing you on a fairly linear path.  You should 
head down to the dungeon where you'll discover an old man in prison.  To 
get in you need the missing key the guard mentioned.  Push the table 
aside to find the key, then go speak to the man in prison.  If you tell 
him you plan to overthrow Doros, he'll give you the Star.  Without this 
item, Doros is very hard (but not invincible).
Boss: Doros
 HP: 1800  MP: ?  G: 1100  EX: 2423
 Abilities: Fire 2, Fireball, Vacuum 1, Heal 2, MP Catcher
     Don't even bother fighting Doros if you have less than 5 Harps or 
someone capable of casting Protect, as he is fond of the Vacuum spell.  
He begins by using a mirror image effect.  Counter this with the Star, 
otherwise you'll have to guess which is the real Doros.  Increase 
Defense, then Speed, then Power.  Like Serpent, physical attacks work 
best.  You'll win the Light Rune for beating him.  Also, you can now use 
the stores in Bilthem.

Inn: 10/20
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Fire Sword             Mystic Armor
 Insanity Sword         Fortress Armor
 Despair Axe            Hope Robe
 Kryonic Axe            Anger Robe
 Brilliance Rod         Sound Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Ruby
 Potion 3               Sapphire
 M Water                Emerald


 HP: 250  MP: 0  G: 250  EX: 550

Black Knight
 HP: 140  MP: 120  G: 350  EX: 771
 Abilities: Ice 2, Vacuum 1, Vacuum 2, Defense 1, Heal 2

 HP: 400  MP: 200  G: 450  EX: 991
 Abilities: Fire 2, Firebird, Fireball

 HP: 170  MP: 210  G: 250  EX 550
 Abilities: Fireball, Ice 2, Blizzard 1, Vacuum 1, Petrify, Defense 2, 
Heal 2, Revive 1

 HP: 100  MP: 300  G: 220  EX: 484
 Abilities: Poison, Vacuum 1, Petrify, Defense 2, Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP 

* Blacks Knights have Vacuum 2, which can kill you or consume your Harp 
supplies quickly.  It rarely works, but when it does it is 
* Flames are fast, strong, and powerful.  Fight them after you gain the 
Light Rune.  Using the Light and Star Runes cuts out their main 
* Wyrocks are little more than ice using, beefier Sages.  Deal with them 
* Griffin are fast and hit hard.  However, they only have 100 HP.  Take 
the offense and dispatch them, but you'll want a high Speed.
* Use the Light Rune when fighting magic users, as the Magic attribute 
is both spell power and spell defense.
* You should have 6 runes by now.  If you are missing any, warp to each 
town and check to see if it is glowing.  Then retrieve the rune.
* Your characters should buy the best stuff from the shops.  For 
reference, each character is listed below with their best gear at this 
  Kamil: Insanity Sword (Bilthem), Fortress Armor (Bilthem), Illusion 
Shield (Grime Tower)
  Olvan: Fear Axe (Pang), Fortress Armor (Bilthem), Illusion Shield 
(Grime Tower)
  Esuna: Fire Knife (Polasu), Victory Robe (Pandam), Mask (Pang)
  Valsu: Muramasa (Belaine), Victory Robe (Pandam), Mask (Pang)
  Lejes: Fear Sword (Padal), Victory Robe (Pandam), Mask (Pang)
  Wilme and Lux are stuck with what they have for now.  See chapters six 
and eight for when they get upgrades.
* Shadow Brains and Flames are the best source of experience.  With the 
runes you have, build your levels as harder fights are yet to come.  
Come back to these regions to build you level for the next few places.
* Always stock up on Mirrors and Harps before major battles.

Chapter 6

     Go and see Rarsa, and she'll tell you what you need to do next.  
You need to get the 7th rune, which is on the Barluca continent.  Now 
pay Brantu a visit and he'll finally reveal his work.  He has 
constructed a craft called the Mecha-Glider.  Use this to go to 
Barluca.  the Mecha-Glider sequence is automated and has one of the 
game's better music tracks.  Eventually you'll experience engine 
trouble and crash in the town of Valenca.
     On Barluca, you will not have to worry about the other 
apprentices showing up anymore.  They are still on the other 
continent, so if you want to find them, you still can.

Inn: 6/12
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Despair Sword          Royal Armor
 Fear Sword             Courage Armor
 Kryonic Axe            Victory Robe
 Mystic Axe             Despair Robe
 Confusion Staff        Mystic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Ruby
 Potion 3
 M Herb 2
 M Water
     Other than remark about your crash, the people here will direct 
you to cross through Kapel to find what you're looking for.

KAPEL - 34
Find: Potion 3
      Harp (x2)
      M Water
      M Seed
     Kapel is another relatively simple cave.  You'll know you're 
about to get through when your characters experience a sharp pain.  To 
your dismay, you'll find you are unable to use your magic.

There is a way to partially
circumvent the loss of your magic.
By getting a new partner, you will
find that the new character still
has their magical powers.  Getting
someone to join you will be the

Inn: 4/8
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Fear Sword             Fortress Armor
 Fire Sword             Mystic Armor
 Fear Axe               Victory Robe
 Despair Axe            Despair Robe
 Nature Staff           Mystic Shield
                        Kryonic Scarf
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2
 Potion 3
 M Water
 B Ice
 B Fossil
     Bugask is a welcome sight after Kapel.  Inquire here about you 
affliction.  The healer, Tonoku, will tell you that you've been cursed 
and that you should go to Guanta to find out if it can be removed.  
Guanta is north of Bugask.

Inn: 10/20
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Fear Sword             Mystic Armor
 Fire Sword             Fortress Armor
 Ancient Sword          Victory Robe
 Fear Axe               Despair Robe
 Despair Staff          Mystic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 1               Pearl
 Potion 2               Ruby
 Potion 3
 M Water
 B Fire
     Talk to the elder and learn that he is the one who cursed you.  
He also refuses to remove it, believing that you will bring ruin to 
the world.  You'll have to deal without having your magic for awhile, 
but at least you still have the runes.  Someone will tell you about 
Moonlight in the Cave of Silence that will help to defeat a person 
named Gariso.  Maybe getting that will convince the elder to help you.

Find: B Fossil
      B Power
      Potion 3
      Pr Seed
      M Water
      S Destroyer
      B Protect
     This is the second most complicated layout for a 
cave/dungeon/castle in the game (only Gorfun is more complex).  The 
creatures in this cave come form all over the world, and some fights 
are gifts.  Use Manrots to fill your HP as they should only be doing 1 
point of damage to you now.  Weave around the maze of passageways to 
find an old friend here.  Pison is back (from the underworld), and 
he's even made a tombstone for you.  Play time is over, as this is 
your last battle with him.
Boss: Metal Pison
 HP: 2400  MP: ?  G: 1000  EX: 2203
 Abilities: Vacuum 1, Petrify, Defense 1, Defense 2, Heal 2, 
MP Catcher
     He's gained even more speed and power since you last fought, and 
now has some decent spells.  You have no magic, so rely on the runes 
and any Potion 2 & 3 you have.  Use the Star Rune first followed by a 
B Agility.  Use the Light Rune next, then use the Moon Rune.  Fight 
him like Doros and you should win through.  Continue deeper to find 
the Moonlight.  Also look at the tombstone to see that Pison has been 
laid to rest for good.  Exigate out and return to Guanta.

     The elder will see the Moonlight and remove the curse from you, 
giving you back your magic.  All that remains for you to do is beat 
Gariso and get the Wizard Rune, right?

A new enemy appears on Barluca 
called the Sword.  These Fiends have
only 9 HP.  However, they have a
towering defense of 800!  Even Wilme
or Lux using the Defend-Attack 
method after having their Powers
doubled will do only 1 point of
damage.  They will probably run
before you can kill them.  There is
a way to prevent this, however.
Gain levels to get your best spell
caster a Magic of 160.  Use the
Light Rune to make this 200+.  Then
use your favorite attack spell (I'm
partial to Blizzard 1).  You'll do
over 9 points of damage to them,
thus killing them.  Do this to a
group of three and use Firebird,
Blizzard 1, or Thunder 1 at a Magic
of 200 or more and gain 3303 EX in
one spell!  Use them to boost your
experience and money now, and you
should never be lacking again.


 HP: 330  MP: ?  G: 350  EX: 771
 Abilities: Fire 2, Firebird, Fireball, MP Catcher

 HP: 9  MP: ?  G: 500  EX: 1101
 Abilities: Vacuum 1, Petrify, Defense 2, MP Catcher

Neo Brain
 HP: 460  MP: ?  G: 450  EX: 991
 Abilities: Poison, Petrify, Heal 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher, Revive 1, 
Revive 2

Poison Moon
 HP: 440  MP: 80  G: 210  EX: 462
 Abilities: Petrify, Defense 2, MP Catcher

* Dooms are strong foes with high Magic.  Use the Light Rune first 
before the Star Rune as Fireball is far more deadly than their 
physical attacks (which is still very painful).
* Occasionally Swords will drop various swords including their 
namesake the Sword.  Equip this on Wilme to boost his weapon power 
from 2 to 25.  Make sure you get him one before you fight Gariso.  
Also, you can sell Swords for 1000G.
* Once you have your magic back, you'll want to gain 40th level before 
* Again, max out your equipment after beating Metal Pison.  You'll 
want the edge when you face Gariso.

Chapter 7

     Probably one of the more dangerous areas of the game, the Cave of 
Baron offers some new challenges.  There are no items here, so do not 
bother to look around.  What you need to do is to find a way into 
the castle above.  A good tip off to the right way is a large dragon 
blocking a path.  Before fighting this dragon, exhaust all of your MP.  
You'll see why.
Boss: Monmo
 HP: 750  MP: 220  G: 2000  EX: 4406
 Abilities: Petrify, Defense 1, HP Catcher, MP Catcher
     Monmo is a strong dragon with 750 HP and a defense high enough to 
put a Sword to shame.  Monmo also likes to use the HP Catcher and MP 
Catcher spells often which can be annoying and drag this fight out.  If 
you followed the advise above, you should have next to no MP, this way 
he will not be able to drain yours.  Use the Star Rune first, then 
increase your Speed.  Lastly use the Light Rune to raise your magic.  
Monmo's defense is far too high for your weapons to do more than one 
point of damage (2 on a double attack), so you'll need to use magic.  
But first, you need to exhaust his.  Whenever he damages you, use the 
Water Rune to recover your lost HP as completely as possible.  Continue 
this defensive strategy until he has run out of MP (if he attacks five 
times in a row, he is probably out).  Now use the Sky Rune to refill 
your MP and start whacking away at his HP with the basics.  He is weaker 
against Fire magic, so Esuna, Valsu, and Lux may wish to use B Fires 
first.  He should go down in no time (provided you're doing 30+ damage 
an attack).
     Once you get past Monmo, you'll reach the stairs to the castle.

Find: Killer Trick
      P Seed
      Fortress Sword
     In the castle, go into the first room and head down the stairs.  
You'll find another dungeon that goes deep (but very linear) at the 
bottom of which you'll find the Fortress Sword which gives Esuna or 
Valsu a serious boost in power (and you can always sell it).  Go back up 
and continue ahead to challenge Gariso.
Boss: Gariso
 HP: 3000  MP: ?  G: 2200  EX: 4846
 Abilities: Fireball, Ice 2, Vacuum 2
     Gariso talks the talk, but he is really isn't hard at all 
(especially after Metal Pison, who you defeated without magic).  Gariso 
has only one trick - he can turn invisible.  This, however, is negated 
by the Moonlight.  Simply use it and he'll reappear.  He can turn back 
invisible, but that takes his action.  Raise Defense, then Speed, then 
Magic, and finally Power.  A basic strategy of hack and Ice 1 or Fire 1 
will defeat him.  He seems almost too easy, as if someone wants you to 

Story Spoiler:
     After beating Gariso, you get the Wizard Rune.  Then who should 
appear?  None other than King Lemele himself.  However, he reveals 
himself as Gorsia.  He uses his powers to destroy the runes and thus 
breaking their seal on his powers.  You've been duped all along and did 
his work for him.  He repays your help by sending you into the past and 
leaves to go and finish Saro.  Looks like your saga isn't over yet.

If you're using a combination that
does not have the Defense 1 spell,
stock up on B Protect before
defeating Gariso.  If you do not,
you will not be able to purchase any
more B Protect again, and the
remaining boss fights will be very
difficult.  Also make sure someone
has the Heal 1 spell, or you'll be
in for frustration as the Water Rune
is no longer in your possession.

At level 42, Valsu gains the Elixer
spell.  This is the game's most
powerful spell as it restores HP and
MP to full (including the 120 MP
cost).  With it, teams with Valsu
are nearly invincible, as he can
cast Heal 3 on his partner and then
Elixer on himself to fully recover.
For this reason, never fight Valsu
after reaching level 40, for if the
computer realizes this technique...


 HP: 530  MP: 100  G: 500  EX: 1101
 Abilities: Vacuum 1, Heal 2, MP Catcher, Revive 1

 HP: 180  MP: ?  G: 300  EX: 660
 Abilities: Defense 2, Heal 3, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

Vile Knight
 HP: 350  MP: 120  G: 320  EX: 705
 Abilities: Fire 2, Fireball, Defense 1, Heal 3

Killer Moon
 HP: 450  MP: 220  G: 300  EX: 660
 Abilities: Fire 2, Fireball

* The enemies in Baron can be painstaking battles.  Sometimes save 
yourself time and run, but if you'd rather stay and fight, use the runes 
to the fullest and slash, burn, freeze, and snuff your foes to death.  
Chimere are the most troublesome foe with ultra high speed and annoying 

Chapter 8

Inn: 12/24
Find: Recovery
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Ancient Sword          Fortress Armor
 Doom Sword             Scale Mail
 Kryonic Axe            Despair Robe
 Mystic Axe             Confusion Robe
 Nature Staff           Mystic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Potion 3               Topaz
 M Herb 2               Ruby
 M Water                Sapphire
 B Power
     You arrive here after Gorsia's blast.  You are now 5000 years in 
the past, and as people tell you, things are not well.  There's a town 
to the south that is your best lead, so head in that direction.  
Otherwise, the best thing of note in Pharano is that you can get Lejes 
his best weapon (Doom Sword).

Inn: 26/52
Find: Harp
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Ancient Sword          Fortress Armor
 Doom Sword             Scale Mail
 Mystic Axe             Confusion Robe
 Hope Axe               Mystery Robe
 Fear Rod               Anger Shield
                        Mystic Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Potion 3               Ruby
 Antid                  Sapphire
 M Water
 B Agility
     Pasanda's 52G Inn is a welcome sight given what you may have 
encountered on the way here, but don't worry, worse enemies are yet to 
come.  You should hear about Melanam here, and that you can secure 
passage in Ligena.  Head west.

Inn: 18/36
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Ancient Sword          Scale Mail
 Doom Sword             Chain Mail
 Hope Axe               Confusion Robe
 Fear Rod               Mystery Robe
 Mystery Staff          Fortune Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Potion 3               Ruby
 M Herb 2
 M Water
     The rich man, Ropesu, has an airship and can take you to Melanam.  
Depending on your character, he may charge you 7000G!  Never pay this 
price, as it's not worth it.  Also, Lejes will not be offered a ride on 
the airship.  Esuna, gets on for free.  So if you're economic or Lejes, 
you have to hijack the airship.  This really is easy.  Just walk behind 
every shelf or bookcase in the house until you find a passage way.  Do 
not talk to anybody except the pilot (he's in the middle of the bridge).

Find: Sapphire
      M Water
     The airship will take you to and from Melanam, so don't worry if 
you feel the need to go back to Ligena.

Inn: 36/72
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Ancient Sword          Block
 Doom Sword             Kryonic Mail
 Kryonic Gauntlet       Confusion Robe
 Mystic Axe             Mystery Robe
 Hope Axe               Fortune Shield
                        Immobility Shield
Item Store
 Potion 2               Pearl
 Potion 3               Topaz
 M Herb 2               Sapphire
 Antid                  Diamond
 M Water
     You should have heard rumors that Saro has lost to Gorsia, and 
learn that the people of Melanam are making a Tetujin capable of 
defeating Gorsia.  Lots of these machines run around here.  Lux will 
benefit greatly from this city.  Not only is there new equipment, but a 
scientist will ask to tune Lux up.  This will improve his scores, making 
him a power force to reckon with.  You will also learn of another town 
past the mountains called Palsu.  That is where you should head.

PALSU - 48
Inn: 6/12
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Doom Sword             Scale Mail
 Victory Sword          Chain Mail
 Hope Axe               Mystery Robe
 Immobility Axe         Immobility Robe
 Immobility Rod         Fortune Shield
                        Brilliance Scarf
Item Store
 Potion 2                Pearl
 Potion 3                Sapphire
 M Herb 2
 M Water
 B Agility
     Other than equipment, there's only one thing else to do.  An old 
woman will ask you to take a letter to her son in Melanam.  Do so.

     Find the woman's son in the research center and give him the 
letter.  He'll repay your service by taking you on a tour of the lab 
where you'll meet Dr. Fail, whose heading the project.  The project is a 
large Tetujin that can channel the power of the dark side.  Most people 
are apprehensive about it, but continue on as a desperate attempt to 
defeat Gorsia.
     Sometime after your visit to the lab, an alarm will go off.  
Something is happening in the lab so race back there.  It seems that 
Foma has gone out of control and broken free.  It's up to you to stop 
him before he can destroy the world of Ticondera.
Boss: Foma
 HP: 1800  MP: ?  G: 1700  EX: 3745
 Abilities: Laser 2, Thunder 1, Thunder 2, MP Catcher
     Foma is not too difficult (especially after the hype of his 
abilities), but he is still dangerous.  First raise your defense (hope 
you have a full load of B Protects), then increase your Speed.  Follow 
this with a B Power for both characters.  Then attack.  Do not use the 
Defend - Attack method, as Foma can erect a shield that will prevent 
damage.  You have to attack it to break it down (may take more than one 
hit).  He'll go down eventually, and remember to watch you HP.  Use 
Potion 3 as needed.
     Your victory is short lived, as you must evacuate Melanam.  You'll 
watch as the continent sinks into the sea.  Now you know how the 
continent sank into the sea.


 HP: 170  MP: 110  G: 400  EX: 881
 Abilities: Heal 2, HP Catcher, Revive 1

 HP: 280  MP: 0  G: 500  EX: 1101
 Abilities: none

 HP: 240  MP: 170  G: 550  EX: 1211
 Abilities: Poison, Blizzard 2, Petrify, Heal 2, MP Catcher

 HP: 280  MP: 120  G: 570  EX: 1255
 Abilities: Thunder 1, Thunder 2, Petrify, Agility, Heal 2, MP Catcher

Force Witch
 HP: 300  MP: 140  G: 550  EX: 1211
 Abilities: Vacuum 2, Petrify, MP Catcher

 HP: 330  MP: 100  G: 500  EX: 1101
 Abilities: Heal 3

 HP: 700  MP: ?  G: 400  EX: 881
 Abilities: Fireball, Vacuum 1, MP Catcher

* Winballs do not work in the past, so you'll have to walk.
* In fights against Ghouls, slay them first or they may revive other 
* This is your first time without the runes in a long time, so old 
tactics come into play.  Use the Defend - Attack method (unless you have 
easy access to Power).  Characters with strong magic should use spells.  
Also Defense 1 and Power help a lot (Esuna and Valsu).
* Serpants have the highest Magic Power around and can slay both 
characters with one Blizzard 2.  Kill them quickly or run.  Easiest kill 
method is Defend with strong character.  Use Power or B Power.  Attack.
* Spirits are fast, but not too tough.  Tear into them quickly.
* Doguns may look like Dergons, but they're stronger, faster, and have 
Heal 3.
* Reapers can absorb a lot of punishment, plus they have a mean 
Fireball,  They do, however, have a vulnerability to ice.
* Stock up on items at Palsu and Melanam now.  They should last until 
the end.  If you've maxed your equipment, you'll only need to buy 
Mirrors, Harps, and Potion 3.
* Try to get to level 50 now, as you'll want it for the final trials 
* Since weapons and armor are very expensive, once in the past only buy 
the top level gear.  This might require running to Melanam and Palsu 
early, but it pays off in the end.  Generally, do not shop at Pasanda or 
* Final equipment check:
 Kamil: Victory Sword, Kryonic Mail, Immobility Shield
 Olvan: Immobility Axe, Kryonic Mail, Immobility Shield
 Esuna: Immobility Staff, Immobility Robe, Brilliance Scarf
 Wilme: Sword, Xtrite, Horn
 Lux: Kryonic Gauntlets, Block, Pod
 Valsu: Immobility Staff, Immobility Robe, Brilliance Scarf
 Lejes: Doom Sword, Immobility Robe, Mask

Chapter 9

Inn: 2/4
Weapon Shop            Armory
 Doom Sword             Kryonic Mail
 Victory Sword          Block
 Kryonic Gauntlet       Mystery Robe
 Immobility Axe         Immobility Robe
 Immobility Rod         Immobility Shield
                        Brilliance Scarf
Item Store
 Potion 3               Emerald
 M Herb 2               Diamond
 M Water
 B Power
 B Agility
    From this point on there is no turning back.  If you do not have a 
healer, fights will get frustrating and you will burn through your 
Potion supply fast.  Fortunately, almost all of the best equipment 
upgrades are here (excepting the Sword for Wilme and the Mask for 
Lejes).  A woman will say she senses Saro is on this continent (which is 
Barluca by the way).  Since Saro is your best bet, start your search.  
Teams of Tetujin have already been sent out.

HAVEN - 50
Inn: 6/12
     The disciples of Saro are found in this northern hamlet.  They tell 
you that he is being held at Barrier to the west and implore you to help 
him.  Also, they say that the runes have been cursed and no longer work.  
Next stop - Barrier.

Find: M Seed
      P Seed
     The enemies are tough, but the path is strait forward.  There are 
also two bosses, so you may want to beat on then leave and rest and come 
back for the other.
Boss: Goran
 HP: 2600  MP: ?  G: 3000  EX: 6609
 Abilities: Blizzard 2
     A fair boss, he's like a pumped up Romus.  Raise Defense then 
Agility as normal.  Warriors want double power and wizards should focus 
on spells.  He'll go down without too much difficulty.

Boss: Griffan
 HP: 3400  MP: ?  G: 4000  EX: 8812
 Abilities: Blizzard 2, Vacuum 2, Petrify
     This fight is like the Serpent fight.  The strategies for previous 
bosses holds true here as well.  Defense-Speed-Power will save the day 
and allow you to meet Saro.
     Saro is dying, but he has managed to break the curse on the runes.  
He'll ask you to take them and head for Gorfun to finish Gorsia once and 
for all.

     Talk to the disciples and get the 7 Runes.  Each tells you what the 
rune does.  Remember this and make your final preparations for the final 


Killer Knight
 HP: 380  MP: 200  G: 600  EX: 1321
 Abilities: Ice 2, Blizzard 2, Vacuum 1, Heal 2

 HP: 300  MP: 150  G: 670  EX: 1476
 Abilities: Petrify, MP Catcher

 HP: 440  MP: 210  G: 700  EX: 1542
 Abilities: Poison, Ice 2, Petrify, Defense 2, Heal 2

 HP: 320  MP: 150  G: 600  EX: 1321
 Abilities: Defense 2, Heal 3, MP Catcher, Revive 2

Shadow Demon
 HP: 330  MP: 200  G: 600  EX: 1321
 Abilities: Fire 2, Defense 2, Heal 3, Revive 1

* Many of the fight here are strait forward and can be won by Defend - 
Attack and magic strategies.
* The creatures in Barrier are tougher, so use Defense 1 and Power.  
Undeed have Revive 2 and Shadow Demons have Revive 1, so try to defeat 
them quickly.
* Magic using creature can be crippled by the MP Catcher spell and M 
Siphons.  These are not so much a means of replenishing your MP, but to 
deny them theirs.  This is a good way to prevent enemies from reviving 
each other.
* By the time you're ready to fight Gorsia, you won't need experience or 
gold, so running is a good tactic so you do not waste strength.
* If you previously stocked up on Exigates, use them to egress from 
Barrier.  They are also useful is you wish to clean out Gorfun.

Chapter 10

Find: Emerald
      P Seed
     There are some nifty things here, but you really do not need them.  
Instead head strait for Gorsia.
     Gorfun is very complex, as it has many stairway rooms most of which 
lead you back down.  Only one will lead up.  However, there are Tetujin 
present on the first three levels.  Use them to mark your location.  
Gorsia is in the forth floor.

If you need help on how to navigate
Gorfun, here's the pattern of stairs
to take: Level one - top row left
most stair, Level two - bottom right
most stair, Level three - bottom
left most stair.  Gorsia will be
behind the second door on the top
row from the right.


 HP: 600  MP: 80  G: 480  EX: 1057
 Abilities: Agility

Death Knight
 HP: 600  MP: 100  G: 740  EX: 1630
 Abilities: Petrify, Defense 2, HP Catcher, MP Catcher

Flame Knight
 HP: 400  MP: 130  G: 640  EX: 1410
 Abilities: Fire 2, Fireball

* Just run from all fights in Gorfun.  Their Speed is poor, so you 
should never have to fight.
* If you choose to fight, then use these tactics:
 Falock - They have strength and defense, so raise yours.  Their Agility 
spell is negligible and they lack Magic Power, so spells work well.
 Flame Knight - They have exceptional stats, but only have 400 HP.  
Power and strike them.  Also, you can use MP Catcher to effectively 
deprive them of their spells.
 Death Knight - They have the attack power to slay a Sword with one 
blow, or your characters for that matter.  However, they lack Speed.  
Speed up to dodge and pummel them with Power attacks or magic.

Boss: Gorsia
 HP: 4000  MP: ?  G: -  EX: -
 Abilities: Fire 2, Ice 2, Blizzard 2, Thunder 1, Thunder 2, Vacuum 1,
Petrify, Heal 2
     Gorsia is the strongest enemy in the game (and the largest).  He 
has a devastational power and magic, but you have the runes.  The order 
that you use them in is critical.  Start with the Wizard Rune to make 
Gorsia appear (unlike Gariso, he won't re-vanish).  Follow this with the 
Light Rune, then the Sky Rune.  This will cut his magic power so that he 
can't kill you with a Blizzard or Thunder spell.  Next cut his attack 
power in half with the Moon Rune.  Now raise both of your characters' 
Defense and Speed.  This will prevent you from dying from a double hit 
by Gorsia.  Follow this with the Wind Rune so that he has a less chance 
of hitting you.  Now raise your Powers (even Valsu and Esuna).  Use the 
Star Rune to drop his defensive strength.  Now use the Water Rune to 
drop his HP in half (2000!).  Begin to attack using the Defend - Attack 
method.  Magic won't do much so don't bother with it, just attack.  Keep 
your HP up, and if someone dies use M Water to conserve MP for Heal 3 
and to guarantee revival.  Save your Potion 3 for emergencies, and if 
you have them, Recoveries will be very handy.  Valsu's Elixer spell will 
keep him strong through this fight.  Other than that, good luck.


Seigfried ( for the tip on Lejes's betrayal.
Matt Hobbs ( for reminding me the characters have last
     names and telling me to define the spells
Bryan Heilman ( for the location and existence
     of the Topaz in Zellis

written by Sir Aronar in 199?