Below are most of the objects, creatures, people and particularly
interesting places in "Red Moon". Look down the alphabetical lists to
find the thing you want to know about, then turn to the entries
indicated by the bracketed numbers. A few herrings have mixed with the
answers, so try only to read the entries you are directed to.


1. Getting Started: (442).
2. Combat: (361)
3. Ghosts: (325)
4. Iron: (343)
5. Magik: (380).
6.  Scoring: (261).
7.  Save/Restore: (282). 
8.  Seeing in the dark (265)
9.  Tarot: (331).
10. Teleport: (401)
11.  Treasures: 410)
12.  Underwater Travel: (445).
13.  Winning: (426)
14.   Ian McGregor Prize for Protecting Jobs and  Services. Winner (490)


20. Acid: where (187), details (300).
21. Acorn: where (247) details (384)
22. Angel: where (185), details (331)
23. Armour: see (317)
24. Axe: where (192), details (291).
25. Black Ball: where (199) details (389)
26. Silver Bars: where (198) details (226)
27  Beans: where (210), details (264).
28  Blacksmith Giant: where (170), details (392).
29 Bletch: where (336),details (369).
30 Book: where (299) details (398)
31. Boots: where (191)   details (232)
32. Bostog:  where (152) details (396)
33. Box: where (223) details (411)
34 Bracers: where (227) details (301)
35 Bridge: where (404) details (404)
36 Bottle: where (183) details (470)
37. Brooch: where (460) details (262) .
38. Bushes:  where  (168)  details (264).
39 Chain Mail: where (244) details (376)
40. Chalk: where  (366) details (412)
41 Cloak: where (427) details (221)
42. Cloaked Statue: where  (163) details (248),
43. Codex Oedipus: where (299) details (398) 
44. Coins: where (467) details (266)
45.  Crowbar: where (167) details (428)
46.  Crown: where (303) details (226)
47. Crucifix: where (463), details (268)
48. Dagger: where   (338) details (444)
49 Dagget: where (250) details (309)
50.  Demon: where (189) details (461)
51.  Dial: where (293) details (271)
52. Dog: where (178)  details (386) 
53  Dragons: where (308) details (465)
54  Dragonewt: where (250) details (239)
55  Drellap: where (362) details (369)
56  Dulcimer:  where (304) details (464)
57  Dust: where (230) details (377)
58. Dwarf: where (152)  details (396)
59. Emerald: where (443), details (262)
60. Exploding Foot: where (250), details (263)
61. Fan: where (198). details (459).
62  Fire: where (170)  details (225).
63  Flashing Lights: where (274), details (397).
64. Flask: where (211), details (267).
65. Frog: where (297), details (302).
66. Fungus: where (342), details (393)
67  Gas Mask: where (244) details (433)
68. Gate: where (156) details (305)
69. Giant: where (17 0)  details (392)
70. Gloves:  where (207)  details (381) 
71. Glowing  Sphere: where (251) details (434).
72.  Grasper: where (363) details (292)   
73.  Grating: where(208)  details (455)
74.  Grid: where (182) details (341)
75.  Grill: where (159) details (367)
76.  Grue: where (344) details (310)
77  Guardian: where (466) details (472)
78  Handle: where (233) details (349)
79. Healer: where (151) details (340)
80. Hill of Beans: where (211),details (264)
81. Square Hole: where (168) details (349)
82. Horseshoe: where (364) details (413)
83. Iron: (343).
84. Kellf: where (294) details 473)
85. Key: where (233) details (339)
86. Lamp: where (192) details (295)
87  Leaves:  where (307) details (264)
88. Lights (Flashing): where (274)  details (397)
89. L ine: where (189), detaiIs (311)
90  Linen Shirt: where (227) details (348)
91. Magician: where (212), details (369)
92 Chain Mail: where (244) details (376)
93  Mandana: where (162) details (432)
94. Man in the Moon: where (298) details (224)
95. Gas Mask: where(244) details  (433).
96. Meat: where (312)details (405).
97. Medallion: where (474) details (262)
98. Merlin: where (154) details (352)
99. Metal Gate: where (156) details (305)
100. Mole: where (220), details (398)
101. Moon Crystal: where (484) details (475).
102. Mummy: where (272), details (446).
103.  Mummy Dust: where (230) details (377)
104.  Mushroom: where (313) details (270)
105  Necklace: where (479) details (262)
106. Newtling: where (382) details (369)
107.  Nezzon: where (151) details (340)
108  Oil: where (296) details (315)
109  Oyster Fungus (342) details (393)

110. Pearl: where (252) details (226)
111. Pills: where (366) details (405)
112. Poison: where (408). details (408).
113. Pool of Acid: where (234) details (300).
114. Potion: where (175). details (387).
115. Raisin: where (415) details (402).
116. Rat: where (229). details (292),
117. Red Line: where (189). details (311)
118. Red Moon Crystal: where (484) details (475).
119. Reflection: where (183) details (347).
120. Ring: where (447), details (284).
121. Safe: where (238) details (316).
122. Sarcophagus: where (201). details (476)
123.   Saxa the Sage: where (403) details (481).
124.   Scorpion Man:  where (336) details (369)
125.   Scroll: where  (368), details (400)
126.   Shield: where  (414), details (480)
127.   Shirt: where (227), details (348),
128. Silver Bars: where (198). details.(226).
129. Sog: where (382) details (369)
130. Sphere: where (251) details (434)
131 Spices: where (212) details (333)
132.   Spider: where (250)  details  (344)
133.  Square Hole: where (168), details (349).
134.   Statue: where (163)  details (248)
135.   Sword: where (170)  details (319)
136,   Thin Red Line: where (189) details (311)
137  Tiny Door: where (194) details (332)
138.   Troll: where (362), details (369).
139, Tubing: where (477), details (445).
140. Vampire: where (162). details (432).
141. Watchdog: where (178) details (386)
142. Water: where (478) details (469)
143. Weapons: (355)
144. Wellington Boots: where (191), details (232).
145. Wizard: where (196) details (416)
146. Worm: where (185) details (298)
147.  Xiiz: where (196) details (416)
148.  Ziix: where (212) details (369)
149. Zombi: where (250), details (287).


150. Acid Pool: where (234), details (300).
151. Alchemist's Sanctum: where (241) details (340).
152. Beautiful Room: where (417) details (396).
153. Bone Room: where (273). details (239)
154. Camelot: where (253), details (374).
155. Castle: where  (421). details (483)
156 Castle Entrance: where (321) details (305)
157. Cave (Windy) : where (286) details (374)
158. Chasm: where (276), details (404).
159. Chimney: where (326), details (379).
160. Circular Lamplit Room: where (240) details (374).
161. Crater of Volcano: where (345), details (259).
162. Crypt: where (440). details (432).
163. Dark Junction: where (430)  details (374).
164 Entrance Hall: where (242) details (305)

165. Fantastic Chamber: where (231) details (374)
166. Flashin g Lights: where (274). Details (397)
167  Flooded Tunnel: where (482) details (445)
168.   Folly: where (330), details (431).
169.   Forest: where (439) details (239)
170.   Forge: where (350) details (451)
171.   Grassy Mound: where (254 ) details (290).
172.   Grassy Plain: where (373     details (333)
173.   Great Hall: where (306). details (259).
174.   Helix of Het: where (222) details (289).
175. Hospital: where (278) details (239)
176  House: where (235) details (324)
178. Kennel: where (383), details (386).
179. Lake: where (330), details (356).

180. Marble Tower: where (256). details (485)
181 Maze of Tiny Passacres: where (486) details (474).
182 Metal Room: where (488) details (341)
183. Mirror Room: where (438) details (375).
184. Mound: where (254). details (290).  
185.   Paradise: where (323) details (331).
186.   Plain: where (373) details (333)
187.   Pool of Acid: where (234), details (300)
188.   Pothole: where (419), details (333)
189.   Red Room: where (418), details (311)
190.   River Tunnel: where (482) details (445)
191  Rubber Room:  where (437) details (259)
192.   Ruined Stone House: where (235), details (324).
193.   Sanctum of Alchemy: where (241) details (340)
194.   Small, Neat Room: where (489) details (332)
195.   Stained Room: where (370) details (239)
196.   Stairway: where (452), details (416)
197.   Straw-filled Room: where (322) details (333).
198.   Stunningly Fantastic Chamber: where (231) details (374)
199    East of the Dark Junction
200.   Tiny Passages: where (486), details (474)
201.   Tomb of an Avatar of Litter Muurdox: where (436). details (476)
202.   Tower: where (229), details (476) 
203.   Treasure Vault    where (453) details (334).
204.   Turkish Bath: where (454), details (239).
205.   Underwater Travel: see (445)
206,   Vault  (Moon Crystal): where (346) details (484)
207.   Volcanic Crater: where (345),  details (259).
208,   Well   (Blocked): where (228)   details (455)
209.   Well  (Water-filled):where (487) detaiIs (445) .
210.   Windy Cave: where (286), details (374).
211. Windy Store Room: where (258), details (290)
212. Work Room of Ziix: where (365). details (435).


220. Monday on television.
221. Wear to ward off (134).
222. Across the chasm, (158).
223. inside [121):
224, Answer his riddles to reach (185).
225, Extinguish it. See (243).
226. Treasure.
227. In the Wardrobe. northwest
             of (160)
228. SW. SW, W from (160).
229. W, S from the Mound

230. When (102) is present, see (246)
231  Beyond the Acid Pool.
232. Rubber. See (249)
233 Examine (38)
234. E, S, S, E from (174)
235. South of where you start
236. On a cloud.
237. North of (168).
238. In (203).
239. Nothing special,

240. Due south of the Bone Room,
241. Down and due east from the
             Great Hall.
242. Beyond the Pale.
243. Use Magic. A spell or (25).
244. Beyond (137).
245 Gar1ic k eeps off (140)
246.Hint: read (30), see (257)
247. Search (87)
248 Attacks See (255) to avoid this
249. Wear for insulation. See (260)
250. Not in this game.
251. Drop. (1l5)
252. Examine (66),
253. Possibly at Cadbury Castle.
             See (250).
254. Where you start.
255. Wear (41),
256. In the Grassy Plain.
257. Say Ollabin,
258. West and due South from the
259, Scenic but nothing special.
260. Protects you in (182).
261. Fifty per treasure, see (11).  with bonusses (275),
262 A treasure
263. Arcade game. Win every time
             by crouching at the left of
             the screen and treading on
             your opponent's toe,
264. Search them,
265. Light the Lamp and carry
             it or use (130)
266 Treasure made of iron
267. Contains air. See (12).
268. Repells the Vampire.
269. Liquifies the 2ombi.

270. Eat it. See (279),
271. A red herring. See (281).
272. In the Sarcophagus. See (277)
273. W, S, SE, W from the Strw-Filled Rooom
274.   S and E from the Red Room.
275.   50 initially. 200 for the Crystal, -1 per SAVE,
	-10 per death,  plus fifty each for the
	achievements listed in (285)
276. SE of the Stained Room.
277. Read the Book. See (283)
278. South of the Straw-filled Room
279. You Shrink. See (288).
280. You grow See (287).
281. Turn (121) instead
282. SAVE and RESTORE are like
             any other spells. They do
             not work if iron Is near.
             Drop any iron objects that
             you may own and move away
             from them to a place where
             there is nothing made of
             iron. Then SAVE and.RESTORE
             will work OK. 
283. Say Obis beside (122)
284. Wear it to dodge better
285 Each treasure owned or in (176);
entering the caves; reaching (189);
	reviving Kellf; bridge building;
	killing Mummy and leaving with
	the Crystal
286. SW and S from the Forge.
287. Bad for you.
288. And can use (137). You lose
             hit points, temporarily.
289. Spectacular scenery.
290, Dig
291. An Iron weapon.
292.  Avoid this There is no
      point in fighting it.
293. Part of the Safe
294.  SE and E from the Crypt:
295.  Light it to see in
      dark.   Examine it.  See (8)
296.  Due north of the Crypt.
297.  Nowhere.
298.  Buy it.
299,  Say Satarh and visit the

300. Drop (40) to neutralise it.
301. Wear them to carry more.
302. Eat it to carry more.
303. Dig at (184)
304. Due west of the Great Hall.
305. Open the gate with (85).
306. E E, NE, N from the Castle
307. SE. E, E from the Circular
      Lamplit Room.
308. Appear when you take (101)
309, Cute. Almost worth 9.95 by itself
310. Yeuch!
311. Don't CROSS the Line. See (327)instead
312  E, E, SE, N, E from the Castle Entrance
313. E. E, SE from the forge,
314. U, U, NW from the Chimney.
315. Plays no part in the game
      because Aspinall forgot it.
316. Forget the Dial. See (281),
317. Several objects protect you
      In combat e.g by absorbing
      blows of your opponent, See (329)
318 Drop in (187)
319.  A very effective weapon.
      See (328) to carry it
320.  Very literal. See (311).
321.  North of the Lake or North
      and NE from the Pothole.
322.  From the east end of the
      Great Hall. go D,E,S,S,D.
323.  Coming Soon.
324.  Leave treasures here.
325.  When creatures  or people are
      killed in combat they may
      return as ghosts and attack
      again, Killing ghosts gains
      little, so run away If
      you can. To avoid creating
      ghosts, see (337)
326. Above the Fire see (335)
327. Rub it out
328. Wear (70) first
329.  Ring, Sh eld and  Chain Mail.

330.  S,E,N,N from the Pothole,
331.  Not in this Game
332.  Shrink. See (353)
333.  Nothing special
334.  Open the Safe. See (316)
335. Extinguish it, see (243)
      then tackle the Grill
336, W, S from the Straw-Filled
337. Avoid fights if possible and see (358)
338. N, E, NW, W from the Mound.
339. Unlocks the Gate.
340, Buy everything
                   See (351).
341. Electrified see (357)
342. in the Lake. See (356)
343. You can't use magik ii any
      iron object is nearby (on
      the ground/ carried/ worn),
      If magik fails, examine all
      the objects around, drop
      any that are iron and move
      away before trying another
      spell,Note that weapons or
      armour may be made of iron.
344. Try a gruesome adventure.
345. From tne Mound, go N, E, U, U and N.
346. East of Flashing Lights
347, its hit points dodge etc. are set
 equal to yours on entry, See (354).
348. Wear it to protect your skin from (39)
349, Put (78) in (81) and turn.
350. From the Pothole, go D, SE.
      S, E and W,
351. Give Nezzon three objects.
      See (359),
352. My hero.
353. E a t (104)
354 You can bias the odds e.g. by
	using (104), (114) and (120) properly
355. Axe, Dagger, Sword and Magik.
356. Drain it See (349),
357. Wear (144) 
358  Dispose of things properly, not by brute force
359. As useless as possible.
360. Appears when you enter the
      Room of Mirrors. See (347).
361.  This is not a game where you win by attacking
	every creature you meet, because their ghosts may
	return to fight again.  Equip yourself properly for
	combat with armour (317) and weapons (355).  If
	you decide to fight with magik (CAST ZAP) do not
	carry iron weapons etc.  Note that you can retreat 
	sometimes and that it's a good idea to use (114) if
	badly injured
362  From the Circular Lamplit Room, go W, SW and N
363, North of the Beautiful Room
      and south of the Crypt
364. W and NW from the Mound
365. From the Windy Store Room, go D, E, E, NE.
366  In the Sanctum of Alchemy  see (340)
367. Remove it with (45)
368. W of the Straw-Filled Room
369. Mostly harmless
370. From the east end of the Great Hall, go D, E, S, S,
      E, S, S, S, D
371. South of the Stairway or NW
      of the Great Hall.
372. Behind the Tapestry.
373. West of the Mound
334. Scenic.
375, Tackle your reflection. See
376. Uncomfortable iron armour.
      Wear (90) first.
377. Kills any single creature
      permanently (their ghost
      does not return).
378. A musical.
379. See (326) and (75).
380.Magik does not work if iron is present, see (343)
	All spells require energy from the caster's body
	so you lose 1 hit point whenever you try to cast
	a spell, whether it works or not.  Each spell is
	associated with a particular object, its focus, and 
	will only work if you have this.  Thus for example,
	if you want to CAST ESCAPE, you had better carry
	the dulcimer.  See the game cover for details.  Examine 
	the Lamp (86) for details
381  Wear for protection against heat. (see 135)
382.  D, E, S, S from the east
      end of the Great Hall,
383.  From the Stained Room, go
      N, W, N, N and E.
384.  Grows a bridge. See (395)
385.  Grow a beanstalk. See (9)
386,  Kill the dog. See (405).
387,  Drink it. See (407).
388. Normally this returns you to the Grassy Mound
where  you start. See (406).
389. Drop for a free Extinguish  spell.
390. Explains how to deal with (102)
391. Insert the Pills.See (399).
392. Implacably hostile. Just
      about the only creature you
      can't avoid fighting.
393. Examine it.
394. Drop it in the Lake
395. Drop it beside the chasm
      and see (409)
396. Play the Dulcimer
397. Extinguish them. Drop (25).
398. Read it. See (390).
399. Give the Meat to (52)
400. Read it when you've taken (21) to the right place.
	See (395)
401. Cast Escape while holding the dulcimer See (388).
402. Drop it inside for (71).
403. E from the Circular Lamplit
404.  Take the Acorn, See (395)
405.  Poison the Meat. See (391)
406.  When cast on the Mound, it
      returns you to where it was
      used before, Thus it can be
      easily used to ferry things
      to and from places deep in
      the caves.
407. Restores your "hit points"
      to their start values.
408. Pills, see (111).
409. Read the Scroll.
410. Every other thing in (422).
411. Open with care! 20).
412. Alkali See (113).
413  Magnetic. See (423).
414.  SE of the Crypt
415.  From the Turkish Bath, go
      W, SW and N.
416.  Give Xiiz a treasure. See (425)
417.  From the Chasm, go W, W, SW
      and NW
418.  N, E, S from the Kennel.
419.  Due east of the Mound.
420.  Wear the Gas Mask.
421.  Roughly NE of where you
      start beyond the Metal
      Gate or north of the Lake.
422.  Silver Bars, Black Ball
      Book, Box. Brooch,Cloak,
      Iron Coins, Crucifix,
      Crown, Dulcimer, Medallion,
      Mermaid,Necklace, Opal.
      Pearl, Diamond and Emerald.
423,  Wave It in (208).
424.  Stretch the Waders.
425.  (30) is best because you
      can get it back easily
426.  Take the Red Moon Crystal
      to the Ruined Stone House,
427.  North of the River Tunnel.
428.  Use to move the Grill.
429.  Play it, see (152),and  use
	it for Magik, see (10)
430,  N, NW from the Bone Room.
431.  You want to drain the Lake.
      See (38) and then (349)
432.  The Crucifix comes in handy
      and see (441),
433. Wear it when handling (33)
      and see (445).
434. Provided light so long as
      you remain inside.
435. Accept his offer.
436. From the Turkish Bath. go
      W, SW, N and W.
437. West of the Dark Junction.
438. Up and due North from the
      Stained Room,
439, South of the Pothole.
440. Due north of the Beautiful
      Room .
441. Bring the Glowing Sphere.
442. South to the Stone House
      take everything and go back
      to th e M ound. See (450).
443. in the Box. Take carel
444. A weapon. Also needed for
445. To survive underwater, you
      need (64) (67) and 139).
446. Say Ollabin
447, Beyond the cave lake: SE,
      D W and S from the
      Beautiful Room.
448. Inside the Bottle.
449. Capture the Wind.
450. To the Lake: E. E S. E. N.
      N and search the i3ushes.
      See (458).
451  Light 169) and extinguish
452. Inside the Marble Tower, leading
	down to the Maze

453. From the Windy Store Room,
       go D. E and SE.
454. from the Stone Kennel, go
       N. E, N and W.
455. Wave (82).
456. Bribe the Giant.
457. Bribe Mandana.
458, insert the Handle and turn
       it. See (468)
459 Wave it to cr;ate a great
       wind. See (471).
460. In the Sarcophagus.
461. Very literal see (311)
462. Throw it to extinguish the Dragons' fire.
463. East of the Metal Room,
464. Play it for (32) and use as a focus
	for Escape
465. Try the Fan. See (459)
466. SW from the Treasure Vault
467. In the Blocked Well. Use (82) to get them
468  North onto the drained lake, and open the
	oyster.  N and SW to the Metal  Gate and
	open it with the Key.  Now you have access
	to the whole castle.  Good luck!
469. To survive under water, see
       (12). Or take the Bottle
       and see below (470).
470  Fill with water for Kellf
471  Wave to defeat the Dragons
472  Keep clear if you have the Emerald
473  Fill the bottle with water and give it to him
474  Go SE, SW from the base of the Staircase
475  Take to the Ruined Stone House to win
476  Say Obis to open it
477  From the Windy Store Room, go D and due S
478  All over the place
479  In the Chimney, beyond the Grill
480  Absorbs hostile blows
481  See (369)
482  From the Circular lamplit Room, go SE, E, S and D
483  Quite big,  see (1)
484  East of the Flashing Lights and guarded by Dragons
	You need (61)
485  Say Humkaat to enter
486  Below the Stairway
487  E, E, SE, N from the Forge
488  South of the Vast Circular Lamplit Room
489  From the Pothole, go D, SE and continue Down
490  T&G, for blocking Ford jobs at Dundee.

Walk Through Notes 1. SAVE won't work if you are carrying iron, ie. the crowbar, coins, chain mail or horseshoe. 2. Magic won't work if iron is present, ie. the crowbar, coins, chain mail or horseshoe. 3. In this walk through the cheat „BURY.....“ is used when dealing with other creatures. Walk Through (Start on a wide, flat grassy plain), DIG (find a crown), EXAMINE CROWN (bejewelled), N, NW, NW, NW, N (volcanic crater), GET GLOVES, EXAMINE GLOVES (thick leather), S, SE, W (edge of cliff), GET DAGGER, EXAMINE DAGGER (blunt), E, SE, W, W, S (dry plain), GET HORSESHOE, EXAMINE HORSESHOE (feels vaguely magical - made of iron), SE, E, S (ruined stone house - an ideal place to cache your loot), DROP CROWN, DROP GLOVES, DROP DAGGER, GET LAMP, EXAMINE LAMP (very old), SCORE (100/1000). N, E, N, SE, S, S, E, N, N (lakeside folly), EXAMINE HOLE (small and lined with brass), EXAMINE BUSHES (find a handle and a key), INSERT HANDLE (it fits the hole perfectly), TURN HANDLE (it opens the sluices to drain the lake), N (dry lake bed), EXAMINE OYSTER FUNGUS (an unusual plant - you find a pearl), EXAMINE PEARL (black), N (castle entrance), E (it's dark), LIGHT LAMP (you are in the entrance hall), N (grain store), BURY RAT, N (side alcove), GET DULCIMER, EXAMINE DULCIMER (a musical instrument), E, E, E (far east alcove), OPEN DOOR, D, E, S, S (dimly lit room), BURY SOG (the Newtling), E, S, S, S, W, S, W, SW, NW (walk-in wardrobe), GET BRACERS, EXAMINE BRACERS (robust), WEAR BRACERS (you feel stronger, but you can't take them off again - in fact you can now carry up to twelve items), TAKE SHIRT, EXAMINE SHIRT (padded), SE, SW, SW, W (blocked well), EXAMINE GRATING (stout), WAVE HORSESHOE (the magnet captures the coins), EXAMINE COINS (rare and made of iron), E, NE, NE, N, N, E, NW (winding tunnel), BURY BLETCH (the Scorpion Man), N, N, W, S, NW, W, W, SW (wide gateway), UNLOCK GATE WITH KEY (the gate creaks open and the key turns to dust), SW, S, W, W, S (ruined stone house), DROP HORSESHOE, DROP COINS, DROP PEARL, DROP SHIRT, SCORE (250/1000). N, W, S (beside marble tower), SAY HUMAK (you hear a bolt slide back), OPEN DOOR, IN (marble tower), GET BOOK, READ BOOK („The Codex Odeipus“ - in it is written „Obis to open“ and „Ollabin for dust“ - these words are used later to deal with the mummy), D, D (Xiiz is here and demands a treasure to let you pass), GIVE BOOK (you can recall this later using magic), D, S, SE, SW (tiny passage), GET MEDALLION, EXAMINE MEDALLION (gold), NE, NW, N, U, U, U, SAY HUMAK (the bolt slides back), OPEN DOOR, OUT, N, E, S (ruined stone house), DROP MEDALLION, SAY SATARH (the book you gave to Xiiz is returned), SCORE (350/1000). GET GLOVES, N, E, E, D (the pothole), SE, S (low crawl), E, E, SE, GET MUSHROOM, NW, W, W (giant forge), BURY GIANT, GET SWORD (it's hot), WEAR GLOVES, GET SWORD, SE, S (windy cave), GET FLASK, N, NW, W, S, S (windy store room), EXAMINE BEANS (the hill of beans is rotting - there's a trapdoor underneath), OPEN TRAPDOOR, D, S, S (tube room), GET TUBING, EXAMINE TUBING (with screw and socket ends - this together with the gas mask is your underwater swimming gear), N, NE, SE (into the treasure vault), EXAMINE SAFE (tight shut), TURN DIAL (you hear a whirr), TURN SAFE (it has no back - there's a box inside), GET BOX, EXAMINE BOX (it has a loose lid - do not open it yet), SW (guardian cave), BURY GUARDIAN, NW, NE (complex junction), E. NE (into a workroom belonging to Ziix - Ziix the magician says "If you let me live I will give you these spices"), YES, GET SPICES, SW, W, SE, SW, N, NW, N, NW, E, NW, N (bronze stairway), U, U, U (marble tower), SAY HUMAK (the bolt slides back), OPEN DOOR, OUT, N, E, E, E, D (the pothole), SE, D, D (small neat cave), OPEN DOOR, E (the door is too small to let you through), EAT MUSHROOM (you shrink), E (into a secret cupboard), GET CHAIN MAIL, GET GAS MASK, OPEN DOOR, W (you return to normal size), EXAMINE CHAIN MAIL (robust - made of iron), EXAMINE GAS MASK (airtight with socket attachment), U, U, NW, U, W, W, S (ruined stone house), DROP SWORD, DROP GLOVES, DROP SPICES, DROP CHAIN MAIL, N (grassy mound), WEAR GAS MASK, OPEN BOX (contains a large emerald but poison gas squirts out - your mask saves you), GET EMERALD, DROP BOX, S, DROP EMERALD, DROP MASK (to remove it), GET MASK, SCORE (400/1000). N, E, E, N, NE, NE, E, E, NE (stinking corridor), N, E, D, E, E (sanctum of alchemy belonging to Nezzon the alchemist), BURY NEZZON, GET PINK PILLS, GET CHALK, W, S, S, E, S, S (south alcove), S, D, SE, W, W, SW, NW (beautiful room - Bostog the dwarf hoped for some entertainment), PLAY DULCIMER (he tells you that there is a spell which can turn an acorn into a bridge), SE (platform), WEAR MASK (so you can breathe underwater), S (into a watery passage), W, S (pedestal), GET RING, N, E, E, S, E, N, N, N, E, NW (stained room), U, W, S, S, S, E (into a cabinet of dead wood), DROP MASK (to remove it), GET MASK, EXAMINE LEAVES (find an acorn), W, N, N, W, SW, N, N, E, NW, N (library), GET SCROLL, EXAMINE SCROLL (a spell for chasms), N, W, N, N, E (far east alcove), D, E, S, S, E, S, S, S (small alcove), D, SE (north wall of chasm), DROP ACORN, READ SCROLL (the acorn expands to form a bridge across the chasm), S (in a helix of Het), E, S, S, E (fountain abyss), DROP CHALK (into the pool of acid - it reacts to form a harmless solution), N, NW (chamber of jade), GET SILVER BARS, N (room of blinding light), GET FAN, CAST ESCAPE (you are transported to the grassy mound), S (into ruined stone house), DROP SILVER BARS, DROP RING, DROP SCROLL, DROP FAN, DROP PILLS, SCORE (500/1000). N, E, E, D, SE, S, E, E, SE, N (well), WEAR MASK (so you can breathe underwater), D (the well), D, S, S, U, E, N (stone cell), GET CLOAK, W, S, E, D, S (flooded tunnel), GET CROWBAR, S, U, N, DROP MASK (to remove it), GET MASK, N, N, W, SW, N, N, W, WEAR CLOAK, NW (to where the cloaked statue is), E (temple to Litter Murdox, who is the god of light and darkness), GET BALL (black), W, W (rubber room), GET BOOTS (Wellington), E, SE, DROP CLOAK (to remove it), GET CLOAK, E, S, S, S, S (you receive an electric shock and jump back), WEAR BOOTS, S (metal room), E (river tunnel), GET CRUCIFIX, W, N, N, N, N, E, NW, N (into library), N, W, S, NW, W, W, SW, SW, S, W, W, S (ruined stone house), DROP CLOAK, DROP CRUCIFIX, DROP BOOKS, DROP BALL (the room is blacked out for several seconds and extinguishes your lamp), LOOK, LIGHT LAMP, SCORE (500/1000). GET FAN, N, E, E, D (the pothole), SE, S, E (dormitory cavern), DROP CROWBAR, W (into the giant forge), CAST EXTINGUISH, LOOK (the fire is out), LIGHT LAMP, E, U (into chimney - you see a grill), REMOVE GRILL (what with?), CROWBAR, U (into chimney stack), GET NECKLACE, D, D, W, S, S, D, E, SE, SW, N (into a tiny passage), NW, N, NW, E, NW (bronze stairway), N, U, U, U (marble tower), SAY HUMAK (a bolt slides back), OPEN DOOR, OUT, N, E, S (ruined stone house), DROP CROWBAR, DROP NECKLACE, DROP FAN, SCORE (550/1000). N, E, E, N, NE, NE, E, E, NE (stinking corridor), N, E, D, E, S, S, D (straw-strewn room), S (hospital chamber), GET POTION (purple), N, W, N (castle kitchen), GET MEAT, W, N, N, E (far east alcove), D, E, S, S, E, N (room of mirrors), BURY REFLECTION, GET BOTTLE, SE, S, S, S, W, S, S, S, S (brown corridor), WEAR MASK (so you can breathe underwater), D, N, N, U, N, W, S, D, N, N, U (well bottom), FILL BOTTLE (with water), D, S, S, U, E, D, S, S, U, N, N, N (semi- circular room), DROP MASK (to remove it), GET MASK, NE, D, SE, W, W, NW (armoury), GET SHIELD, E (cubbyhole - you see Kelf who is dying of thirst), GIVE BOTTLE (he drinks gratefully and offers the rumour that mummies can only be slain by magic), CAST ESCAPE (you are back at the grassy mound), DROP POTION, S, DROP TUBING, DROP FLASK, DROP MASK, DROP SHIELD, SCORE (600/1000). GET CRUCIFIX, GET FAN, GET PILLS, N, CAST ESCAPE (you are in cubbyhole), W, SE, SW, NW, N (cave of sloping slabs), BURY GRASPER, N (crypt of evil mist - you see Modana the Vampire who won't attack because of the crucifix), NE, N, NW, N (tomb), SAY OBIS (the sarcophagus opens revealing a brooch lying on a mummy), SAY OLLABIN (the mummy disintegrates to a pile of dust), GET BROOCH, E (sun temple), GET RAISIN, N, E, S, S (debris pile), INSERT PILLS (you carefully hide them in the meat), E (stone kennel - you are confronted by a watchdog), GIVE MEAT TO DOG (it eats it and seconds later dies), OPEN DOOR, N, E, S (red room - as you enter a demonic voice hisses "Be warned human, I must kill anyone who crosses the line on the floor"), ERASE LINE (that way you don't have to cross it). S, E (you are temporarily blinded by flashing lights), CAST EXTINGUISH (the room is blacked out for a few seconds), LOOK, E (vault), GET MOON CRYSTAL (as you pick up the crystal two dragons encircle you, leaving no exit), WAVE FAN (it produces a strong wind which blows the dragons' fire back at them and they disappear), W, W, N, LIGHT LAMP, N, N, U, D, S, SE, SE, SE, S, W (grassy mound), GET POTION, DRINK POTION (your „hit points“ are restored to their original value of 50), S (into the ruined stone house). CONGRATULATIONS You have completed Red Moon and saved the Kingdom of Baskalos Your score 1000/1000 and are a Grandmaster Adventurer.

written by Dorothy Millard