You are sentenced a lifetime term on a far distant planet. Can you escape? Lame type-in adventure with extremely lame graphics.

Commodore 64

© 1987 Alternative Software  



1 Player


Written by C. A. Sharp

Released in June? 1987

Original Price £1.99



D, Send SOS, W, W, E, U, D, U, D, Look, Lock Pilot In Storeroom, Send Droid To 
Ship, W, W, Get ID Card, N, U, Dig, Get Hair, E, Dig, Get Glue, Stick Hair On 
Face, Drop Glue, D, Enter Craft, Insert ID Card, E, D, South, Get Explosives, N, 
E, U, NW, NW, Drop Explosives, E, SE, D, W, South, Get Detonators, N, Get Wax, 
Get Wire, E, U, NW, NW, Set Detonators, Look, Get Money, Get Weapon, E, SE, Tell 
Droid To Fly Ship, W, W, E, W, Insert Wax In Ears, Pick Lock With Wire, W, N, 
Operate Generator, SE, U, E, Fly Ship, Fire Weapons, W, W, Bribe Officer With 
Money, N, N, E, Look, Fire Weapon, Look, D, E, Fire Weapon, Look, D, E, Fire 
Weapon, Look, D, E, Save Mans Life.