James Bond drives his agent vehicle through the sceneries of several of his famous movies. The battle car can drive, jump, dive and shoot. Bond's enemies send their servants with helicopters, sub-marines, satellites. Conversion for a rare Japanese console from a game by Parker Brothers.

Othello Multivision

© 1984 Tsukuda Original  

16KB Cartridge

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joypads in Port 1 and 2

Licensed from Parker Brothers

Productcode: OM-G008

Version 2.7

Adapted from the Movies
© 1984 Eon Productions
+ Glidrose Publications


Level 1
1. 14,750 Rough Grafing Mission 3 002 Meka

Level 2
1. 5,400 Rough Kirchseeon Mission 1 000 Meka