You take the role of James Bond. With your super car you shoot diamonds off the sky in landscapes which are build up like the sceneries of four famous agent Bond movies.

Commodore 64

© 1984 Parker Brothers  


16KB Cartridge

1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 1 and 2

Adapted from the Movies
© 1984 Eon Productions
+ Glidrose Publications

Imported to the UK by Palitoy Company? in 1984?

Imported to Australia and New Zealand
by Toltoys? in 1984?



home-made Manual

©1984 Parker Brothers

Keys F3 and F5 as indicated allow to select the number of players
and the difficulty level. Then press F1 to start the game.

Pause Key: F7 (This is a critical key as the game is VERY long!)

The screen then tells you 

                 "Good Luck, Mr Bond" 

and up you go on your first mission, "Diamonds are Forever." 
This mission, as all the 4 missions of the game, is divided in 
several phases that are for you to find out... You need to 
familiarize yourself with the landscape and the use of your 
vehicle with its weapons. The landscape changes somewhat in each 
game, so beware!

When you reach a new phase, if you die there you continue your 
next life at the start of that new phase (you have 5 lives to 
start with). 

If you lose all your lives, you are told

                  "Good Bye, Mr Bond"

and you have to press F1 to restart. (You can use F3 and F5 at 
any time in the game to restart from the beginning - you may 
want to do that if you have lost too many lives already.)

If you succeed to reach the end of the mission you are then told

                  "Good Show, Mr Bond"

and on you go to the next mission, which can be either

--- For Your Eyes Only,
--- Moonracker, or
--- The Spy who Loved Me.


Joysticks in port 1 and 2.
In the first mission using your joystick your vehicle can 
      jump (pull) or dive (push), 
      advance (right) or lag (left) on the screen, with
      Fire Button shooting missiles both up and down.

You can also use the keyboard. In the first mission:

key            Action
---------      -------------
M              Shoot missiles at the diamonds and scuba-divers

Top row        Jump, dive and advance on screen - Choose the 
(1 through -)  keys most convenient - they alternate in their 
               function (find out!)
2nd row        Drag back toward left of scrolling screen
(A through L) 


1. 26,800 Rough Kirchseeon Mission 4 004 PAL CCS64
2. 2,850 Karsten Herford PAL

1. 10,800 Rough Kirchseeon Mission 2 001 NTSC VICE