Fight your way through the castle of Kyros, the great satan. And free the ones he holds captive. An okay Gauntlet/Commando style game with lotsa extras.

Commodore 64

© 1988 U.S. Gold  


Tape / Disk

1 Player

Joystick in Port 1 and Keyboard

Original Arcade Design © 1986 Alpha / Sega

C64 Development by Source

Released in June? 1988

Original Price £9.99 (tape) / £ 14.99 (disk)



D e s o l a t o r   
(c)1987 US Gold                   
of the arcade-hit "Halls of Kairos"   

The Mission: 
Your mission as Mac is to fight your way through the castle owned 
by Kairos - the great satan, and free the captive infants 
(called "Peters" here) held behind mysterious mirrors.

Smash the mirrors to break kairos' evil spell and upon completing 
your quest, transform into the invincible MachoMan and desolate 
all in your path !!!!!!                 

So far to the story.......   
Run/stop - pause                        
Space - jump                            
Fire - punch (joystick)  
Mac the hero enters the castle to save the Peters and once the 
Red Peter is secured he gets a power up which transforms him into 
the invincible MachoMan.  
Telephone: transform all of the enemies of which one is the secret
                invincible character.  
Gas pipe: your enemies disappear if you destroy the tip of the gas

Energy bomb: can destroy the enemies in a straight line. 

Peters: Red Peter gives you a power up to transform you into the 
           invincible MachoMan.
        Blue Peter increases your speed. Getting 2 of them in 2 
            steps results in attaining the maximum speed.
        White Peter enables you to score
        Green Peter gives you additional lives. 

Timekeeper Characters:
     Bat: When Mac stays in the same room for too long, it 
           comes to attack him.   
     Bee: Just as with the bat when Mac is in the same room for 
          an excessive period of time, this comes flying at him.
Bonus Characters:
that were transformed when destroying the telephone.
Capturing these items will score you points.  
Angel: the deburacho and gaburacho bros transform into angels.
By capturing them, you become invincible.   

Panda: dom transforms into a panda       

Cat: parjo and zombies transform into a cat.   
Devil's Child: capturing this will cause you to lose your earned 
power up. 

Kairos, the great satan: only his head appears in stage 1 and a 
multiple kairos in stage 2 can attack you in various ways.
You can easily destroy him by reading his movements in advance.

Bajo, Kairo's mother: manipulates zombies in stage 3 and parjoin 
stage 4. She moves swiftly and fires flame shots from her cane.
The only way to down her is to anticipate where she will move,
wait in ambush and hit her when she leasts expects it.

Henchmen: lower ranked henchmen, who when making contact 
with Mac absorb his energy. You can easily punch them. 
The one in the blue suit requires one punch and the other in 
the green suit requires two punches.    

Parjo, Kairos' daughter: she has a basketful of apples which she 
throws at Mac and goes away once pursued. If you corner her, 
punch once and she'll fly away screaming.                     

Jidan, the castle's guardsman: hiding himself in the straw and 
boxes, he attacks swiftly when Mac comes close to him.  
Fireman: suddenly appears or ambushes mac on the bridge. He fires 
flame shots while obstructing Mac, he can be sent flying by a 

Armor: attacks by throwing his sword.    

Barrel: rolls towards you, but by punching it, it can be turned 
into one of your weapons.                    

Jar: if skillfully handled can become one of your weapons. Under 
it you will find a question mark. Depending on your score when 
capturing the mark, the enemy may change.                   

Clock: stops enemy movements momentarily. 

Mine: step on it and you lose a life.   

Doll: the on-screen enemies disappear when destroying the laser
        emiting doll's head.              

Deer's Head: the on-screen enemies disappear when you destroy it
             by punching only whilst no flame is emitted.

Mask: just as with the doll, destroying this causes your 
       on-screen enemies to disappear.

Warp: mounting this will take you to a completely different place.

Energy: increase your energy by capturing this.

Money Bag: increase your score by capturing this.

Boomerang: can destroy your enemies on the curves.                      


1. 27,000 Adam Huemer Kirchseeon Level 1 PAL CCS64