Save all ally depots from Rommel's troops. You are the commander of a Sherman tank and must shoot Stukas, tanks and other Nazi machines. It's an okay one.

Commodore 64

© 1985 Accolade  


Disk / Tape

1 Player

Joystick in Port 2

Development by Sydney Development

Concept by Michael Bate and Rick Banks

Coding by Marylou O'Rourke, John Harley
and J. Stuart Easterbrook

Graphics by Dan Hoecke and Reg Beatty

Music by Paul Butler

Released in December? 1985

Imported to Europe on Tape and Disk
by U.S. Gold in December? 1985

Re-released on Disk by Avantage
in November 1986

Re-released on Tape by The Power House
in 1988


Manual (The Power House - scan)

Manual (Accolade - txt)

Desert Fox 
(c)1986 Accolade

You are "Lone Wolf" with your turbo Sherman tank in pursuit 
of the "Desert Fox", Nazi Germany's Rommel forces in the 
Lybian desert.

How to win: Save all your depots
How to lose: Either your tank damage gauge is full or your 
             depots fall to the enemy

How to save your depots:

1. Zoom 
Select ZOOM icon and press the fire button. When it turns from 
red to green move the joystick, this will move the black box on 
the map from depot to depot.

Allies depots indicated by gray flags:
saved depots turn blue,
lost depots turn red.

With zoom icon green, press fire button. Depot status will zoom 
up to reveal the number of tanks (red=enemy, blue=allies), fuel 
(oil drums) and supplies (tents). These supplies/fuel will be 
used by 'Lone Wolf' to repair and refuel his tank (decrease 
damage gauge).

Number in lower right hand corner equals hours remaining before 
depot will fall.

2, Radio 
Lone Wolf's heading is determined by selecting the RADIO icon. 
When icon turns green, push joystick right or left to move radio 
beacon. Press fire button again to activate Lone Wolf's secret 
enigma decoder. This special radio device intercepts Rommel's 
orders. The first word the player hears indicates the type of 
enemy force; for example "stukas", "minefields", etc., directly 
ahead. Later words indicate outlying enemy positions.

Through careful selection of the radio beacon heading, Lone Wolf 
can thread his way through enemy forces to rescue his besieged 

Strategy Tip: Listen for radio static. Static indicates no enemy 
forces in an immediate area. Avoid confrontation whenever 
possible and head for the wide open spaces. (The shortest 
distance between 2 points is not always a straight line.)

3. Air Strike 
When a depot is in danger of being wiped out (their status should 
be checked throughout the game) and Lone Wolf is too far away for 
a rescue mission, call in a spitfire airstrike to buy time. 

Highlight the AIRSTRIKE icon in green (using fire button). 
When arrow appears at a depot, move joystick until the correct 
depot has been selected. Press fire button and air strike will 
begin. If you choose not to send in an air strike, simply cycle 
the arrow through all depots and the airstrike icon will 
turn red again. 

NOTE: it takes time for air strike to reach its destination.
Lone Wolf only has "one" air strike per game.

4. Swastika
Indicates location of Rommel who pursues Lone Wolf around the 
map. Once the Desert Fox is within range, it is a duel to the 
death!  It takes 8 hits to make Rommel surrender. If successful,
you will receive 8000 points for each one depot saved.

5. Score
Accumulated score to date.

6. Tank Status Gauge
Indicates total accumulated damage to Lone Wolf's turbo Sherman 
tank. When this gauge flashes yellow, Lone Wolf is in serious 

Strategy tip: To reduce damage, get to minefield and blow up 
mines. Save convoys to increase depot supplies.

Avoid the Desert Fox unless damage is low!!!!!!

7. Surrender Time
Indicates hours remaining for depot that has last been zoomed.

*** Convoy ***

Objective: to protect allied convoy by shooting down enemy stukas.

Joystick: left/right to fire guns.
       Firebutton inactive, sights line up aircraft automatically.

Score 100 points for blasting each stuka (red).. but be careful 
for each enemy stuka is being pursued closely by allied spitfires
(green), and for each accidentally shot down you lose 300 pts.

Required scores to save convoy:
5000 challenger
5200 crusader
5400 strategy
5600 master
5800 grandmaster

When a convoy is saved, the currently selected depot is given 
one tank, one supply tent, and one fuel barrel. 
This buys the depot more time against the enemy and the added 
supplies will reduce the player's damage when that depot is saved.

*** Tiger Tank ***

Objective: to destroy enemy Tiger tanks en route to depot.

Joystick: push left/right to line up enemy tanks. 
          You can "steer" cannon fire into enemy tanks.

Radar pinpoints location of Tiger tanks. Push left or right to 
get enemy tank in front of you in order to squeeze it out of 

Lone Wolf must destroy 5 (five) tanks in order to score 5000 
points and advance to the next challenge.

The warning sound indicates enemy has fired at Lone Wolf.

Strategy tips: Lone Wolf can shoot out enemy shots before they 
reach his tank. When enemy fires quickly turn left or right 
to avoid his shot, then turn back and nail the sucker!! 
There is a firing delay as your cannons reload.

*** Minefield ***

Objective: to successfully steer through a minefield as fast as 
you can without sustaining very much damage.

Joystick: push left and right to get 'slalom ' action between and 
over mines.

Push forward to speed up when tank gets stuck in sand. Pull back 
to slow down. Press fire to blow up mines in front.

NOTE: You must center the blue compass heading. If you go off 
course you risk damage and loss of time.

Upon hitting a mine, the tank will become stuck in sand, and time 
speeds up to indicate time spent digging the tank out.  
To avoid wasting time in the minefields, get moving as soon as 
you see your tank treads getting covered in sand!!!!

Strategy tip: whenever Lone Wolf has sustained high damage 
levels, find a minefield and carefully shoot out many mines. 
This will decrease your damage.

*** Ambush ***

Objective: to get through the canyon ambush with as little damage 
as you can.

Joystick: push in any direction to line up sights on enemy mortar. 
Hold fire button down to spray machine gun fire.

Strategy tips: keep firing at center screen area near end of 
canyon. Once mortar has moved past that area, it is not worth 
shooting or loading last shot.
Also: avoid enemy ambush at night, mortars are very hard to spot 
at night.

*** Stukas ***

Objective: shoot down stuka divebombers.

Joystick: up= cannon sights up
          down= cannon sights down

Radar locates stuka similar to function of radar scope in Tiger 
sequence. The Lone Wolf takes damage whenever the stuka planes 
fire upon him (gun sound).

You must score 5000 points (5 stukas) to conmplete this section.

NOTE: cannon takes "time" to be selective on shots. 'Lead' the 
stukas with cannon sight and blast them before they have an 
opportunity to cause damage. Like the Tiger sequence, you can 
turn your shots into enemy targets.

Strategy tip: after stuka has strafed you turn around and fire 
at the stuka flying away--- they are more vulnerable then.

NOTE: each campaign lasts at least 24 hours, which means there 
are day, dusk, night, and dawn sequences. Rommel's forces are
difficult to locate during the night and dusk sequences 
(especially stuka and minefield) so avoid them then.

Sound adjustment:
    Press F1 key at main menu. Move joystick up or down for 
several seconds to get maximum sound response. Press fire
button to lock in.


Good luck! And push that sucker back into the sea.



any level
1. 99,999 Robotron 2084 Grandmaster PAL
2. 75,000 D. Wright Hull, N. Humbs Crusader PAL
3. 56,400 Blubarju Crusader PAL
4. 44,700 Stuart Hine Tylers Green, Bucks Crusader PAL
5. 31,000 Werner PAL

1. 75,000 D. Wright Hull, N. Humbs PAL
2. 56,400 Blubarju PAL
3. 44,700 Stuart Hine Tylers Green, Bucks PAL

1. 99,999 Robotron 2084 PAL