Morrack and his master wizard have to drive back the army of the demons in this adventure. Usual story, but well done.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

© 1986 Compass Software  


1 Player


Main Coding from the tool 'The Quill'

Additional Coding from the tool 'Illustrator'

Author, Graphics and Music by Jon R. Lemmon


  Long ago, in the first age of the Ring master, a Falcon staff fell into the
 hands of Drakon, the wizard of Valonia. Because he did not destroy it Drakon
 was turned to the darkside of evil and ancient magics of old. With his new
 found strength, he sent forth an army of shadow demons which conquered the
 lands and armies of Valonia. It was now that Drakon began to walk among man
 and with the Golden mask of Satan would go un-recognised amongst them until
 it was too late. Their souls would be taken in the dead of night and used 
 to feed the giant skull of evil which stood in the hall of rats. Ashmeard, 
 the wizard of Dral, fought Drakon and seized the Golden mask. With an evil
 scream Drakon leapt to his horse and rode into the cave of LLindel never
 to be seen again. A decade has passed since those evil times but once more
 shadow demons walk the land and the dark force grows strong.
 Drakon is returning..........
  You play the part of Morrack, apprentice to the wizard Ashmeard, while 
 Ashmeard stays in Dral to buy time and to fight against the shadow demons.
 Your task is to find and kill Drakon and to retrieve the Falcon staff
 before the main army of demons cross the lake.
 Beware the Raven....


1. 8% Rough Kirchseeon RealSpectrum


examine body, pull arrow, take ruby, sw, s, take sword, examine statue,
read symbols, say mecla, e, take life, s, d, examine puddle, cast life, l, 
l, use plank, climb plank, examine slime, take mask, wear mask, n, 
examine statue, insert ruby, s, d, smash stairs, in, take torch, take rope,
take bone, out, s, take teleport, light torch, n, throw rope, climb rope,
n, n, e, e, se, kill dragon, s, in, take fire, d, d, help, take wise, 
take key, unlock door, drop key, cast fire, light torch, take wise, w, 
examine body, take gloves, wear gloves, take coin, e, drop torch, e, e, 
take horn, blow horn, give coin, ne, ne, throw bone, n, take cream, s, 
climb stalagmire, use cream, ne, n, n, w, take wise, e, s, s, ne, 
examine figure, give horn, examine fire, drop all, take sword, take wise,
take gloves, take teleport, wear gloves, d, e, e, call sid, e, call sid,
cross bridge, s, take smoke, s, examine pond, take root, n, give sword,
take root, n, n, cross bridge, w, w, n, n, take owl, examine owl, use root,
take stone, throw stone, n, n, n, e, take rope, take hook, tie rope to hook,
take hook, w, n, e, open door, e, d, throw hook, d, e, examine sacks, 
drop all, take stodge, take smoke, take teleport, s, examine leaves, 
take staff, cast smoke, take staff, w, n, w, up, climb rope, w, close door,
w, s, w, u, w, cast teleport, in, n