Hen House Harry has to pick up a dozen eggs and collect as much corn as he can without being pecked to death by the ducklings. In level 9 Mother Duck is let loose!!!! Classic trash.

Commodore 64

© 1984 A & F Software  



1 to 4 Players not simultaneously

Keyboard or Joystick in Port 2

Written by Sean Townsend and Martin Webb

Re-released on Tape by Pick & Choose in 198?

There are two version of the game,
one with music, one without

Cover (A'n'F)

Cover (P'n'C)



Chuckie Egg

You have to collect 12 eggs and 
corn to finish the screen, but watch 
out, there are some nasty looking 
ducklings chasing you.

Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys
to load program.

Should you have any problems loading 
the tape, rewind and adjust the 
volume/tone controls before 
trying again.

Copyright A&F Software Ltd 1984


any skill level
1. 196,270 Ruben Spaans Brønnøysund PAL
2. 53,530 Remi Spaans Brønnøysund PAL
3. 37,430 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
3. 16,110 Rough Kirchseeon Level 04 Skill 1 PAL CCS64
4. 9,670 6R6 Vinstra? PAL

skill level 1 (for those who prefer adventures)
1. 16,110 Rough Kirchseeon Level 04 PAL CCS64

skill level 6 (for the suicidal maniac)
1. 6,320 Rough Grafing Level 03 PAL VICE