Find radioactive reactor rods in a seven storey building. You're equipped with a machine gun and a jet pac. Interesting game.

Commodore 64

© 1987? Durell Software    

PAL (NTSC has graphic bugs)

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Keyboard or Joystick in Port 2

Title Picture by Paul 'PDW' Walker

Re-released on Tape by Encore
in November? 1989



The Anti-Nuclear Party have reprogrammed power station robo-equipment
to empty the containment vault and attack all human staff. They have
scattered eighteen cannisters of highly dangerous radioactive
fuel-rods throughout the seven-storey building. You have 30 minutes,
an armour-piercing machine-gun and a personal jet-pack. You have the
latest anti-radiation suit. The building has decontamination showers
that may help you, but you will be fighting against time, intense
radiation, robo-weapons, and all of this in a hostile environment with
dangerously open floors, and the ever-present threat of falling down
the vault.


Joystick or redfinable keyboard.

Note:   If you press Fire with an object held, you will drop the
        object before firing can commence.

Note:   If a joystick is used pressing jetpack will automatically make
        you fly forwards. On the keyboard you may press jetpack + any
        other keys to control your flight.

Note:   You pick up rods by walking towards them. Once dropped, you
        may then nudge them down holes (also by walking towards them).
        If you wish to pick up a dropped rod you will have to leave
        the room and re-enter.


You can start in the central room, ground floor, of a seven storery
building (floors are colour coded). In front of you is the containment
vault - do not fall in!

The door at the top of the screen leads to a room with a fuel rod
canister in it. Shoot the robot guarding it, walk into the rod (i.e.
pick it up), return to the containment vault room, press Fire to drop
rod, then nudge it down the hole (without falling in).

The door on the upper right of the screen leads to a room with a
decontamination shower (one of many) which you should use when your
suit's radiation level (gauge on bottom left) gets near the red (or
you will die).  Your radiation goes up when robots shoot at you, and
when you are carrying or nudging the fuel rods.

When you're skilled you will be able to jetpack over the vault,
pressing Fire midway across to jettison the rod. On the bottom right
of the screen you will see the remaining rods, colour coded to
indicate the floors on which they may be found. Use the lifts to go
up, and the square holes in the upper floors to come (fall) down.
Don't waste time fighting with robots. Use your jetpack economically
in short bursts. You have about 30 minutes!


RAD     shows your current contamination. This bar will increase when
        you get shot and when you carry or nudge a fuel rod.

JET     shows how much power is present in your jetpack. The jetpack
        will automatically regain power when not in use.

SCORE   increases as you gain points, while  TIME  runs out.

RODS    are shown on the bottom right, in the colour of their current
        floor location.


Kill Robot              100
1st Rod in vault         64
2nd Rod in vault        128
3rd Rod in vault etc.   192 etc.
Al Rods (Bonus)       10000

(c) 1989 Elite Systems Limited

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1. 9,120 Rough Kirchseeon 8 Rods left PAL CCS64