For many years ago three evil dragons have invaded the land.. a young warrior arrives. He's well armed with throwing knives and a giant maze. You fight through caves full of monsters who obey the dragons. After their death some monsters leave Zenny, the currency used to buy additional weaponry and armour in shops. Furthermore exact jumping is important as sharp stones await their victims below the platforms. Okay game play, tedious graphics, close too nothing sound.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

© 1990? U.S. Gold  

Tape / Disk

1 Player

Kempston / Sinclair Joystick or Keyboard

Original Arcade Design © 1987 Capcom

Spectrum 48K Development by Tiertex

Advertisement Illustration by
Peter Andrew Jones of Solar Wind

On the Spectrum 128K
you have additional title music

Released in March? 1990?

Original Price £8.99

The game was first announced under
U.S. Gold's label GO! but GO! was
cancelled during development




1. 10,575 Rough Kirchseeon Level 3 RealSpectrum