You command a space ship on a 3D grid which is constantly attacked, shoot 15 white saucers to advance to the next level. Some enemies can only be avoided.

Commodore 64

© 1983/84 Activision  


16KB Cartridge / Disk / Tape

1 to 4 Players not simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 1 and 2

Original Concept by Dave Rolfe

C64 Development by Action Graphics

Coding, Graphics and Sound FX by
Jay Fenton and David Thiel

Released in June? 1984

Re-released on Tape by Firebird

Original Price £1.99

Cover (Activision - Cartridge)

Cover (Activision - Disk)

Cover (Activision - Tape)

Cover (Firebird)

Manual (Activision - Cartridge + Disk)

Manual (Firebird)

(c) 1983 1984 ACTIVISION INC.

A huge bearn matrix has formed within the vicinity of your home planet,
and bearer ships are at this very moment launching at attack. Your
mission is to infiltrate the matrix and annihilate all enemy craft.

1. Connect the cassette unit to your Commodore according to the User
2. Place the rewound cassette into the cassette unit, and press PLAY.
3. Press RUN/STOP and SHIFT simultaneously on your Commodore.

1. Switch OFF your Commodore 128, and switch it back on whilst holding
   down the COMMODORE key.
2. Now follow the instructions for Commodore 64 owners above.

NOTE: Full loading instructions can be found in your Commodore Manual.

Left=Move Left
Right=Move Right
Up=Fire Energy Torpedo
Fire=Fire Laser Bolt

Beamrider is a game for one or two players and can be started from sectors
1, 5 or 10 by pressing the function keys.

Your vessel appears at the bottom of the screen. There are seven different
types of beamer ship to be dealt with, the most important of which are the
white saucers, 15 of which must be destroyed before one can proceed to the
next level. Your must also be careful to avoid the indestructable 'Kamikaze'
craft. Contact with the yellow rejuvenators adds another ship to your reserve.
However, if shot, the burning debris hurtles towards you and contact then
proves fatal.

When the 15 saucers have been destroyed, you must attempt to destroy the
Mother Ship, which is guarded by swarms of green suicide ships. To destroy
the Mother Ship, you have 3 energy torpedos, launched by pressing the
joustick forward. A direct hit from the torpedo causes the Mother Ship to
explode, and a bonus is awarded according to the level and the number of
ships remeaining.

WARNING: Copyright subsists in all Firebird Software, documentation
and artwork. All rights reserved. No part of this sofware may be
copied, transmitted in any form, or by any means, hired or lent
without the express permission of the publisher.

If this program is faulty, or fails to load, please return it to the
address below CLEARLY MARKED 'RETURNS' and it will be replaced free of
charge. This offer does not affect your statutory customer rights.

Firebird Software, First Floor, 64-76 New Oxford Street, London WC1A

Firebird and the Firebird logo are registered trademarks of British
Telecommunications plc


any Difficulty
1. 258,906 1570 Sector 44 PAL
2. 64,062 Werner Sector 21 PAL
3. 57,090 James Carter Fresno, CA
4. 53,844 Blubarju Sector 19 PAL
5. 43,762 Rough Kirchseeon Sector 18 NTSC CCS64
6. 20,070 Karsten Herford PAL
7. 16,548 Spider Straßkirchen PAL
8. 15,436 Honey Stadthagen PAL
9. 13,960 Robotron 2084 Sector 10 PAL
10. 10,752 Sledgie Hannover Sector 8 PAL
11. 2,056 Snowflake Berlin PAL

Difficulty 1
1. 43,762 Rough Kirchseeon Sector 18 NTSC CCS64