Bart has to collect Krusty dollars in several lame sub-games, like a platformer, a memory (!) game etc. Only the skateboard level is okay.

Sega Master System

© 1993 Flying Edge  

256KB Cartridge

1 Player

Joypad in Port 1

Development by Arc Developments

Support by The Black Team

Coding by John Barber,
Stuart Middleton and Byron Nilsson

Graphics by Paul Walker

Music by Andi McGinty

Support by Mark Flitman, Donn Nauert,
Mike Arkin, Tom Rademacher, Joe Allocco,
Linda Spelman and J. J. Mazziotto

Licensed by Sega Enterprises

Adapted from the Cartoon
© 1993 Twentieth Century Fox


1. 38,200 Rough Kirchseeon Meka