This is a threedimensional Monte Carlo style pool billiard game with various options as tournament or trick shots. You can also play against a human opponent or if you win the tournament face Maltese Joe the pool master himself. The moving 3D effect is fast and quite impressive, on the other hand the computer opponent thinking times are annoying.

Commodore 64

© 1989 Firebird  


Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players

Keyboard only
or Joystick in Port 1 and 2 and Keyboard

Development by Aardvark Software

Design, Coding, Graphics and Sound FX
by Nick 'Orlando M. Pilchard' Pelling

Includes Editor to create Trick Shots

Released in May 1989

Original Price £9.99 (tape) / £12.99 (disk)

Imported to North America on Disk
by MicroPlay in May? 1989

Cover (Tape)

Cover (Disk)


Review (Zzap! 64 Amiga)