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Shoot down the Japanese fleet in 32 stages of pure fire mode. You may collect extras like double fire, smart bomb or comrade planes. Two things are missing, the bonus percentage score and also you don't keep any extras when a new stage starts, else okay.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

© 1986 Elite Systems  


1 or 2 Players not simultaneously

Keyboard or
Kempston / Sinclair / Cursor Joystick

Original Arcade Design © 1984 Capcom

Spectrum 48K Development by Syrox

Coding, Graphics? and Music by Dominic Wood

Original Price £7.95

Re-released on Tape by Encore in 1989

Cover (Elite Systems)

Cover (Encore)



1. 66,740 Rough Kirchseeon Stage 3 RealSpectrum