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Commodore 64

© 1989 War Deal Inc.


- Part 1 -

Coding and Graphics by Suicide

Music by Paul Butler
from the game 'Ace of Aces'

- Part 2 -

Coding and Logo by Suicide

Sprites by The Shadows

Music by Moppe of Oneway
from the demo 'Suitable'
(little bit damaged)

- Part 3 -

Coding and Logos by Suicide

Picture by Bob Thomas
from the game 'First Strike'

Music by Mike of F.A.M.E.
from a 'Strike Force & The Movers Intro'

- Part 4 -

Coding, Logo, Font and Upper Sprites
by Suicide

Lower Sprites by Horizon

Music by Hayes of Euratom
from the demo 'The Cat'

- Part 5 -

Coding, Logos and Font by Suicide

[F1] Music by Red of Scoop

[F3], [F5] and [F7] Musics by
Jens Blidon of Lords of Sonics
from the game 'Gravrace'

Released on November 2nd, 1989