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Commodore 64

© 1991 Gloom + Spherical Designs


- Intro -

Coding by Nyarlathotep of Sunrise

Big Font by Dragon of GPX Designs of
Death Sector from the demo 'Heineken'

Music by Red of World Wide Expressive

- First Part -

Coding and Logo by TTS

Font by Artline Designs
from the demo 'Anal Probe 10"'

Music by
Rodney Balai of Audial Arts / Ruthless
from the demo 'MC. Jenny'

- 24 Multiplexed-Sprite-Scroller -

Coding and Sprites by TLT

Picture by The Beast and TLT

Music by Harlequin of Silicon Ltd.
from the demo 'Nuclear X-Perience'

- Endless Walk -

Coding, 'Face' and 5x5 Font by TTS

Logo by Yazoo

Music by
Scortia of Rhythm Nation of X-Factor
from the demo 'Armageddon'

- Anti War Appeal -

Coding by Piontec

1x2 Font by GBF Design of Crest
from the demo '2 Years Crest'

Music 1 by Rob Hubbard
from the game 'Commando'

Music 2 by Thomas Detert
and Markus Schneider of X-Ample
from the demo 'Breeze of Diogenes'

Released on February 8th, 1991