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Commodore 64

© 1989 The Computer Freaks Association


Coding and Logo by ICS

Logo Move Code by Tubbs and ICS

Rasters by Shining 8?

Tune 1 by JO of Amok

Tunes 2-4 by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Tomcat'

Tune 5 by Chris Hülsbeck
from the game 'Starball'

Tunes 6-10 by Jonathan Dunn
from the game 'Typhoon'

Tunes 11-13 by Jens Blidon and
Markus Schneider of Lords of Sonics

Tune 14 by Oliver Kläwer
from the game 'Emerald Mine 2'

Released before end of April 1989