Find One-Eyed-Willy's Pirate Ship and get all the treasury there to save your families' homes from foreclosures. Co-operate with Mickey, Brad, Mouth, Data, Stef, Andy and Chuck in all screens to solve each puzzle. The evil Fratelli gang tries to keep you from your task. Also monsters await you! This is of course the game for the cool 80s kid movie.

Commodore 64

© 1985 Datasoft  


Disk / Tape

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 1 and 2

Coding by Scott Spanburg

Graphics by Kelly Day

Music by John A. Fitzpatrick

Design by Scott Spanburg, Kelly Day,
John Ludin, Roy Langston
and Terry Shakespeare

Manual by Kathi B. Tremblay

Adapted from the Movie
© 1985 Warner Bros

Released in December? 1985

Imported to Europe on Tape and Disk
by U.S. Gold in December? 1985

Original Price £9.95 (tape) / £14.95 (disk)

Cover (Datasoft)

Cover (U.S. Gold)

Manual (U.S. Gold)

Advertisement (English)

Advertisement (English - incl. Zorro)

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The Goonies Manual


The Goonies´ goal is to find One-Eyed Willy´s Pirate Ship. You must co-operate with Mickey, Brad, Mouth, Data, Stef, Andy and Chuck to find the treasure and save your families´ homes from foreclosures.

The members of the evil Fratelli gang will try to keep you from reaching the Pirate Ship. Stay out of their way!
There are plenty of other perils as you search through the underground chambers;
hissing steam, deadly bats, poisonous slime, demonic flying skulls, and a giant octopus add to the challenge.

Your objective in each screen is to make the two Goonies work together to solve the puzzle and find the exit. You´ll walk, run, jump, climb and bounce on trampolines. Don´t fall into the water or lave pits!

It´s impossible to get through any screen without creatively using both the characters featured in that screen. Teamwork is the key to success.

Left-Hand Joystick Mode

Before starting a game, press [L]. Rotate the joystick one quarter turn clockwise.
An "L" appears in the upper right corner of the screen to indicate you´re
in left-hand mode. To return to right-hand mode, press [L] and rotate the joystick one quarter turn counterclockwise.

SWITCH CONTROL from one Goonie to another by pressing the joystick FIRE BUTTON.

PAUSE game by pressing the [SPACE] BAR.
Press the [SPACE] BAR or joystick FIRE BUTTON to resume play.

BACKGROUND MUSIC is turned off and on by pressing [S].

ABORT THE GAME by pressing [F1].

RETRY LEVEL by pressing [F7].
No lives get lost.


Exit screen 1,000 points.

Bonus Points 5,000 for each Goonie in reserve when you complete the game.

Points are also awarded for actions that solve problems in various screens.


Both Goonies must get through each screen in order to progress to the next one. 
You can earn three extra Goonies when you complete the Cannonball Chamber Screen. 
Don´t forget to press the joystick FIRE BUTTON to switch characters!


1. 104,365 Stig Remnes Kristiansand PAL
2. 49,755 Equinoxe PAL
3. 34,755 Werner PAL
4. 4,955 H.T.W PAL
4,955 Camailleon PAL
6. 2,800 Equinoxe Junior PAL
7. 1,700 Sledgie Hannover PAL
8. 1,400 TheRyk Berlin PAL


|  GOONIES  | 
(c)1985 Datasoft

 Can you become a goonie???? The easy helper for GOONIES

scene 1 :
 The object is to get to the tunnel under the house. To get there you 
must put out the fireplace by hitting the water cooler over. Sent one 
kid to the attic by placing the chair under the opening and jumping up 
on it and climbing up the latter. In the attic there is a printing 
press, this will throw money through the window. The witch will stay 
outside and catch the money and you can send the one goonie downstairs 
and put out the fir and climb down the tunnel. Then quickly send the 
goonie in the attic through the fireplace. done.

scene 2 :
 You have to get the key to open the bottom door. Send one goonie down 
to the bottom and put him on the crank gear and open lift the middle 
chamber rock. Send the second goonie down to the floating ball in the 
chamber. Then put the second goonie right next to the door. Use the 
goonie on the ball and send him under the pails to the ledge and grab 
the rail above him and get the key and send him down to the door. Watch 
out for bat flying around the cave.

scene 3 :
 To get through this scene you must burst the pipe on the right side by 
the tunnel. To do this you must shut two run off valves. The first is 
the one on the middle left chamber and the second in the top right. Just 
send one goonie on each valve and your through. Watch out for the 
criminal at the right shooting.

scene 4:
 You must remove the three boards blocking the escape tunnel at the 
bottom left. To do this you must send the little rocks rolling down the 
cave. Send the little fat goonie to sit on the trap at the bottom. Take 
the tall one and use him to direct the rolling rocks. On the first level 
get the rock moving from right to left so it rolls against the wall and 
rolls back. On the second level drop the rock through the trap door 
going left to right. The third level drop the rock going right to left. 
The rock will drop though and little tunnel aside of you escape tunnel. 
All this must be done before the hammer down at the bottom hit the bell 
and sends out all the bats. There is no place to hind from the bats that 
I have found. A rock must go though the little tunnel three times to 
escape. Of course you know that you pull on the chain to open the trap 

scene 5 :
 The biggie to me. You must stack the little geometric eggs that the big 
bird drops by the tunnel at the bottom left of the screen. To do this I 
just take the eggs and through the egg down to the bottom right room and 
send a goonie to the top right room to pull down the bone hanging on a 
chain and to make the bridge and to stack the eggs up. When done just 
send the goonies over the lave pit, you can jump it, and climb the eggs 
and to the next screen

scene 7 :
 You must get to the tunnel at the right of the screen but an octopus 
blocks your way. To get through you must drain his little lake by 
jumping on the blue pinball like flipper. The flipper will not go down 
because of a locked bar underneath it. To remove this you have to hang 
one goonie off of the bar. But the goonie cannot get to this. So you 
have to use the 'box' hanging from the ceiling. To do this you must hang 
a goonie off of the hanging bone at the top of the screen then the box, 
or cage, whatever ya want to call it, will fall in the bottom stream. 
Then take the other goonie and plop him on top of the cage and hang him 
off the bottom of the bar. Then take the other goonie that was hanging 
on the bone and make him bounce off of the right 'flipper' and the 
little lake will drain a bit and the octopus will drop so you can 
proceed. Watch out for the bats again. It will take time to get to the 
side with the bone/flippers. But I hang off of the top rail and just run 
to the left and push top left. long one...

scene 8 :  ( last )
 After all of that you get to the final screen. In this screen you have 
to get the treasure at the top of the ship. The first thing you do is 
take the little goonie and run him down to the cabin that is almost in 
the middle of the ship and throw the level to the right. Then take the 
big sped and run him through the door next to you and then to the top 
room to the left and through that lever and you go through the door at 
the top left. Then get to the bottom of the ship ( you and the big guy ) 
and send the big guy to the top and push the treasure chest at the top 
to the right so that a few coins fall off the  side of the ship and the 
which will chase them and fall off. Then take the little goonie and 
position him on the sail mast sticking out from the main mast. When he 
is standing on the sail mast take the big guy and go to the first room 
you were in and through the lever again and the goonie will get raised 
to the top and then he jump to the treasure chest and you take the big 
guy and meet both of them on the top treasure.
 You are now a goonie and you see the massive ending screen and it 
starts over.