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Commodore 64

© 1989 Fantasy    

NTSC (minimalst intro flicker on PAL)

- Intro -

Coding by Maverick

Logo by Morrissey

Lower Font by Andrew Sleigh
from the game 'Yie Ar Kung-Fu II'

Music by Laxity of 2000 A.D.

- Page 1 -

Coding and Logo by Kickback

'Ninjas' by Michael Owens
from the game 'Ninja Commando'

Music by Rastelin of Bones
from the demo 'Tillsammans'

- Page 2 -

Coding by Maverick

'Merry Xmas' Logo by Morrissey

'Fantasy' Logo by Shadowmaster

Music by Markus Schneider of Lords of Sonics

- Page 3 -

Coding by Maverick

Picture by Shadowmaster

Music by Jeroen Tel of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Eliminator'

Released on December 25th, 1989