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Commodore 64

© 1990 Spirit


- Intro -

Coding by RCC

Logo and Font at beginning by TTS

4x3 Font by Artline Designs
from the demo 'Anal Probe 10"'

Music by Jeroen Soede of Soedesoft

- Decrunching/IRQ-Loading -

Additional Coding by RCC

Music by Scarzix
from the demo 'Happy End'

- 2nd Part -

Coding by RCC

Landscape by ANS

Most Icons by TTS and RCC

'Weird Aliens' Icons by Hugh Binns
from the game 'Cybernoid'

- 2nd Part -

'Tree' Icon by Hugh Riley
from the game 'The Last Ninja'

Logo by TTS

Font by TLR Designs of Density
from the demo 'Dignified'

Music by Reyn Ouwehand
from the demo 'Dignified'

- 3rd Part -

Coding, 'Heli' and 'Lava' by RCC

'Vulcano' by ANS and Hawk

Logo by Decoy Design of Beyond Force

Music by Predator of Moz(IC)Art of Shape
from the demo 'Phoenix'

- The End -

Coding by RCC

Picture and Logo by ANS

Music by
Johannes Bjerregaard of Maniacs of Noise
from the game 'Stormlord'

- Note to Demo -

Coding by RCC
from the tool 'RCC and SDI Writer v2.5'

Music by
Markus Schneider of Lords of Sonics
from the demo 'Double Density'